WoW Fishing Gear Guide For Newbies

wow fishing gear

One of the best parts about this particular activity is that one can fish not only in the waters around his/her location but also off the shore as well. There are a number of different things that one should take note of when starting out with fishing as a new player. Some of these include the type of bait to use, hook size and the rods that one has to have. Other than that one also needs to learn which species of fish live in the area. The key to winning in any game is to be able to gather as much gold as possible and this is where fishing comes into the picture.

WoW Fishing Gear

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WoW Fishing Gear consists of many different items that can help one to gather as much gold as possible while fishing. Some of the basic fishing gear includes the bait used to catch the fish, reels, lines, fishing rod or a fly box and many more. All these items can be purchased from some fishing shops or can be earned through doing certain quests around the map.

The bait that is used to fish for WoW Fishing is of course one of the most important pieces of fishing gear that one can purchase. There are basically three types of bait available in the game including natural bait, worms and insects. Worms are the most common type of bait that can be bought although there are some players who like to use natural bait especially during fishing expeditions.

Different Ways Of Fishing

To find the fish that are located where you are fishing there are a few different ways. The first method involves using the in-game compass. The other method is to follow a trail given by your expedition leader. Either way you will have to follow a path so that you can make sure that you are always heading in the right direction. The reason why most players prefer to use the in-game compass is because it is the safest way of determining which direction to go.

Fishing Expeditions Can Also Be Done On Land

Most people prefer to do this type of fishing when they have more time. To fish on land you will need to use rods and you will be able to catch bigger fish than if you were fishing in water. This method requires a lot more discipline, because one can easily get carried away and let their excitement takes over. When doing this type of fishing, it is important that one bring along a few extra fishing rods just in case one gets stuck.

Fishing can also be done in other bodies of water including lakes. However, the catch in this case is not as big because it is usually smaller fish. Another advantage of using lakes is that one does not need to bring much with them unlike when fishing in other bodies of water. Also, when using lakes one needs to pay more attention to their equipment because small things can cause them damage.

Summing Up

The fishing gear can also come in different colors so that they can be identified. By doing this you will not be wasting your time looking for fish while traveling from one place to another. Also, if you are a new player and do not know where to fish, then ask your friends where they got their fishing gear from. With the help of WoW fishing gears you will be on your way to becoming a successful fishing veteran.

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