Using Fishing Spear in the World of Warhammer

peram fishing spear

In Warframe, you need a param fishing spear, which is sold with a higher reputation at Cetus or Fortuna for very little money. You can also get a param fishing spear after reaching a high rank in the faction. When it comes to fishing, simply equip your favorite fishing pole and wait for fish to come up to you in open water. If they don’t, then change your fishing pole and try again. Keep doing this to fish anywhere in the game including the Astral Plane.

This is the fastest spear to use besides a Servo Fish. The Servofish has a lot of advantages but it’s not effective on the sea or anything else. A Servofish, however, does have a lot of benefits against bigger fish. So if you’re fishing in big rivers or oceanic areas, this spear is probably your fastest option. The downside, however, is that it causes damage on impact.

Hot Spots

A boat on a body of water

There are certain hot spots in the game where you’ll usually find fish. These are usually on the ground close to a structure. If you’re there at the right time, your odds of catching a fish are greater. The problem is that you’re not always at the right place at the right time. Peram rods have a habit of floating around in the water while you’re fishing and they might just end up sticking into the sand as you struggle to cast your rod into the water.

Hai-Lik is one of the best fishing spears in the game. This is probably because it has a head that sticks up when you cast it has a fin on the backside of the spear. It’s probably best used with sinkers, jigs, and other types of baitfish. You can expect to catch larger fish using these particular spears, although smaller ones won’t be as likely to go after your bait.

There are different kinds of handles that you should know about as well. In most cases, they have a spring attached to them, but some designs are made to sit flat on the bottom of the water. The design of the handle is very important, so make sure you take a look at them before you decide on which one to get. The handle will determine how much control you have when you use your hai-luk.

Spearheads are Best

A close up of a dolphin

Some spearheads aren’t as accurate as others, and this is one of their main differences. Spearheads that stick out tend to do less damage than those that stay within the water’s depths. When you’re going into enemy territory, this can become an issue, so pay close attention to this. Make sure you know how far an enemy’s spear will reach and try to shoot past that so that you don’t get hit by one. It can be hard to Dodge these kinds of weapons, especially if you’re not accustomed to shooting at them.


Peram fishing spears have different weights, too. You’ll want to know this because you can pick up the right one depending on your load. Be sure that you get the one that feels comfortable in your hands. This is an important factor when it comes to choosing your weapon, so don’t just go with whatever looks good. Your Warframe will be using these weapons for many different purposes, and it’s important that you feel confident with your weapon.


Overall, there are many different kinds of fishing spears for you to choose from. Some are used for diving and sniping, and others can do just about anything. It all depends on what you want your Peragus fishing to be about, and what type of enemy you’re fighting. Just keep in mind that each type of weapon does have its special effects, so learn which ones apply to the Fortiflora enemies you fight and use the ones that work best for that.

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