Types of saltwater spinning reels

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A saltwater spinning reel is a kind of reel which is specially made for use in saltwater. Saltwater spinning reels can be used when fishing saltwater with your soft plastics lures, spoons or jigs, etc. It has a special design that helps it to keep fighting fish and prevent rust from forming on the parts. They have a body design that helps to protect gears from rust forming. On the side of the body, there is a cover that protects from water entry into body and gears.

How does saltwater spinning reel work?

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The saltwater spinning reel is designed to handle big fish for example barracuda, kingfish, tuna, etc. It gives you a smooth performance when fighting the fish. It has a strong drag system to hold several tonnes of force. These kinds of reels are strong, durable, and have a corrosion-resistant body with long-lasting gears which are made up of stainless steel. They handle big fish with ease since they are designed for saltwater.

How to maintain a saltwater spinning reel?

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The saltwater spinning reel has a sealed body that protects from water entry. So, you can clean it by simply rinsing it off with fresh water after fishing and wiping the outside part with a towel to remove excess water droplets. Store in a dry place if you are not going to use it for some time. Normally saltwater spinning reels don’t require any special lubrication.

Types of saltwater spinning reels

There are different types of saltwater spinning reels available in the market. Some are large size perfect for catching big fish, some are a medium size which is suitable for fighting smaller fish and few are ultra-light which can be used in shallow water areas. There are also long-cast spinning reels that can cast lures or baits a long distance.

1- Saltwater spinning reel vs. saltwater baitcasting reels

Saltwater spinning reels are not the same as the standard spin-cast reels. Standard spinning reels are not made to fight big fish for example tuna, barracuda, or shark. They can be used up to 6-7 kg of weight without any damage but after that, the parts may get damaged. Some standard spin-cast reels are made to handle fish up to 10kgs but it’s very uncommon so better not take a risk.

2- Saltwater spinning reel vs. saltwater casting reels

Saltwater spinning reels are not the same as the regular baitcasting reels which are used for surf fishing, deep water fishing, and so on. Saltwater baitcasting reels are made to catch fishes in the deep sea with heavy sinkers and huge baits. But saltwater spinning reels are made for catching smaller fish that weighs up-to 6 kgs of weight without damaging the gears. The main reason behind it is that saltwater casting reels are made with stronger gears and body structure while saltwater spinning reels are designed to fish in the coastal region where fishes are smaller in size.

3- Saltwater spinning reel vs. surfcasting reels

Saltwater spinning reels can be used for surf fishing but it’s not recommended since they are specially made for catching smaller fishes, so they can’t catch big fishes like tuna, barracuda, and shark which weighs over 10 kgs. If you still want to use them for surf fishing then choose a strong and durable model which can handle extra-large size fish and make sure your rod is long enough (10+ feet) so that fish doesn’t hit the bottom while fighting with you. You may also need a strong rod holder for this.

4- Saltwater spinning reel vs. freshwater spinning reel

Saltwater spinning reels are made to use in saltwater but still, it’s possible to use them in fresh water as well, just don’t put them into the sea or any other saltwater body because they can be damaged. Make sure to clean the spinning reels with fresh water after using them in salt water, wipe it dry and spray some extra oil or lubricant for protection before storing it.

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