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Lake Fishing 3 is now the third installment in the long-running Lake Fishing series of mobile fishing games. As with its predecessor, Lake Fishing 3 keeps the basic gameplay mechanics and controls of its previous predecessors. However, it also adds more fish species to the water and an extra challenging career mode. Unlike its predecessor, Lake Fishing 3 has been developed by Cryptic Studios, a company that had previously worked on the hit Plants vs. Zombies games. Here’s a quick rundown of the game’s new features:

Career Mode –

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This is just what it sounds like. You can now earn cash, buy houses, etc. by catching bigger and better fish. When you have enough money, you can buy a boat and travel to different lakes and rivers to catch bigger and better fish. The catch can be donated to charities, or you can even decide to just give the caught fish. There are many rewards to gaining this level of money, as you will notice when you spend your money on different items in the shop.

Fishing Skill Icon –

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A Fisherman icon appears on your screen whenever you successfully catch a certain number of fish during your fishing trip. This helps to motivate you to go out fishing more often. The better your fishing skill, the more money you will earn, and thus the more things you will purchase.

Weather –

You can now choose to play the weather manually or have it automatically determine what’s happening in the lake. The latter is more likely to occur if you’re fishing in a large lake. You can set it to rain if the water levels are low, or snow if it’s winter time. If you’re trying to catch the rarest of fish, this feature is definitely a plus.

Other features –

You can now choose to play the season instead of simply having the same set up year in year out. There are now three seasons to choose from. The spring, summer and fall. Each offers its own challenges, so depending on your playing style, you can adjust the difficulty accordingly. The overall mechanics are still the same, so aside for the seasonal changes, I wouldn’t think anything has changed much.

Game modes –

Two main game modes remain the same. The free-for-all and timed tournaments are available. The timed tournaments can get very competitive, so better prepare yourself. You can either join an online community or a league. And last but not least, you can also select to play on a lake of your own – that’s the “alone” mode.

Additional Details

What’s new? Well, I have to admit I had forgotten about this, but the developers did include some neat features that weren’t really seen on other games before. For example, the artificial intelligence has been improved. You can now use reels with a much greater finesse, switch from using a regular fishing rod to a double-headed rod and so on. Some of the rules have also been modified to make them more realistic.

All in all, this is definitely one of the best fishing simulation games on the market today. It offers hours of enjoyment. Not only that, it’s now included in the iPhone, so you don’t even need to download it to play! If you want to catch more fish, this is the game for you. You owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Another one of my favorites is the one called Lake Panic. This is a very addicting game. Basically, you are placed in a boat and you have to save the people trapped in the lake. The objective is simple – get those people out of the lake as quickly as possible. The graphics and sound are superb, especially the sound effects – I cannot remember ever having to save someone from a burning building before hearing the sound of flames.

In The End

In conclusion, there are many lake fishing games on the market today. My personal favorite is probably Going Fishing with Mr. Bear. However, if you’re not as lucky as Mr. Bear, I would definitely recommend Fishing Games. Just remember to download them from trusted sites. Good luck and happy fishing!

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