Tips For Spear Fishing For Sharks

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For the people who are into adventurous sport definitely know about the spear fishing activity. Spear fishing activity is to go hunting for fishes with a spear. When the same activity is done for sharks, it is called spear fishing for sharks. It may sound exciting but requires a lot of focus & active mindset.

If you are one of those people who like to roam on the beaches for long & hope to never encounter even a small lobster, you are simply not made for spear fishing for sharks’ activity. It is as threatening as it is thrilling. But if you have the courage to fight a shark & come out of there alive, this is the sport made just for you. Because of the dangers of this sport, it is even illegal in many countries. So, if you are planning to go Spear fishing for sharks this vacation, try and check if it is legal in the country that you are visiting.

Scuba diving & spear fishing

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The spear fishing activity is completely an underwater activity. If you like scuba diving & has the experience of scuba diving, spear fishing will come easier to you than others. To people who are new to scuba diving should be careful and follow the instructor.

The spear fishing is being done since time unknown. People used to go scavenging for food underwater & thus had to use the spear for hunting fishes. But today most of the people go for scuba diving to admire the natural wonders present underwater. Spearfishing activity for sharks is usually carried in the underwater areas with majority of sharks. People go for scuba diving to admire the natural wonder of sharks but spearfishing is a kind of precautionary activity. It usually happens when people have gone for scuba diving & encounter random shark attacks.

Preparatory measures

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If you are planning to go scuba diving in an area unknown to you, it would be best if you have an instructor with you. If the same is not possible, Preparation is better than regret.

Shark is a strong and dominating creature. The water is its strength & the same water, decreases the human ability. So, it is an essential requirement to learn & get expertise in the underwater activities. One has to be vigilant and has to keep eye on the movement of sharks if found around. Being vigilant will decrease the chances of harm. 


Spearfishing for sharks is a hair-raising experience. Enjoy the natural wonder with full preparation & in pragmatic conditions. You should never invite harm when dealing with Spearfishing activity with sharks. If you poke the shark, it will attack hundred times harder. So, use your common sense & avoid needless attack.

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