The Dark House Spear Fishing Rod

dark house spear fishing

A Dark House Spear Fishing tradition is popular among most modern spearfishers. Myself being one of those generation X’ers, I believe we got hooked when we discovered how much fun a dark house could be! Not only did it give us an outlet for some of our angling ideas, but it also got us into a more mature fashion of fishing.

Very Traditional

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The sport has evolved since then, but it hasn’t disappeared entirely. You’ll often find families and friends, spending quality ice fishing hours together in the winter months. Whether it’s a small outing for family and friends, or an annual company get-together, dark house spearfishing remains a popular sport. And with it staying as popular as it is, I believe its popularity will only increase in the years to come.

Very Exciting

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I remember as a kid going to the local ice house on our way to a nearby lake. I can vividly recall the excitement and the challenges we’d face while fishing. The dark houses used at that time were no match for today’s quality ice houses and the technology they contained. Many of these houses had actual fish inside of them, with many displaying live, moving fish and bait. The challenge was to actually get a good catch using these “floating” fish and bait!


Nowadays, there are hundreds of manufacturers of ice houses and many manufacturers of decoys. But what is it that makes these products so effective today? Well, the answer is simple – design. Decoys are no longer just plastic cylinders with a handle. These days, many fishermen have a complete selection of models, all based on different styles and materials, from fibreglass to carbon fibre and plastic.

Ideal For Minnesota Fishing

One important thing to remember is that when it comes to Minnesota fishing, size does matter. It’s all about size! If you’re going to be spearfishing in Minnesota waters, it would be wise to bring the appropriate tools to the ice fishing grounds. There are literally dozens of options here in the state, so make sure you spend some time getting out there and looking at them. If you have a live decoy, don’t forget your Minnesota fishing license! Also, keep in mind that the style of your Minnesota spearfishing gear and your choice in ice houses will depend on whether or not you’re going in the fall or in the spring.

Look For The Right Gear

So how do you find the best quality ice fishing spears and other gear? The first step is to know what kind of quality you want in your tackle and your gear. If you want a product that will last, that will hold up against the rugged Minnesota weather, then you’ll need to shop wisely. One of the easiest ways to avoid spending too much money is to make sure that you’re only buying ice fishing spearfishing gear that is made by a reputable company. You should also make sure that you’re only buying products from companies that have a proven track record of producing good quality items.

Wrapping Up

The dark houses are some of the most popular fishing tackle brands in North America. While they come in different materials, their biggest selling point is that they can take the most punishment and still remain sturdy. Some of the better brands out there will have lifetime warranties on them, so you’ll always be protected. Even after the ice houses are cleaned once a year, they’re never too old to be used. By taking the time to learn about the best kinds to use and the best places to buy them, you’ll have an easier time when the ice fishing season rolls around each year.

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