The Best Women’s Fishing Gear

women's fishing gear

Women’s fishing gear is important because women are specialized in their fishing hobby. Women’s fishing can be an extremely fun and exciting sport. However, it requires the same equipment that the men do to get to the fishing spots and also to bring the gear back when the fishing is over. Here are some things to consider if you plan on starting a women’s fishing class in your area.

Dress For The Weather

Women’s fishing apparel is very different from men’s and women should always dress for the weather. Women who enjoy fresh water fly fishing on mountain rivers or go out to a local river to fish for largemouth bass will want certain pieces of gear or clothes. Having the right sun protection is important and there are many fishing pants and shirts that protect from the sun. The best quality sun protection for women is made of polyester and has a big pocket at the front for extra storage.

A good pair of ice fishing gloves will be needed to protect hands and fingers. The best kind of ice fishing gloves have a Velcro strap for added comfort and are designed to grip ice better. Women’s ice fishing gear should also include polarized sunglasses with UV protection and a face shield. Polarized sunglasses help you see where you are going in the ocean and also protect your eyes from the sun. This is a very important part of a women’s ice fishing outfit.

Bright Sun Protection

Women’s ice fishing gear needs to also include plenty of bright sun protection. The sun can quickly burn a woman’s skin and many times women do not feel comfortable in the sun while fishing. Women’s ice fishing gear should have a sun protection feature that is built into the clothing and does not include a huge sun hat that will get blown away in a downpour.

Another vital piece of women’s freshwater fishing gear is waterproofing. Most people think that any pair of waterproofing shorts will do the job, but this is not true. Paired with a good wader, waterproofing pants are the most comfortable way to go. These pants have an internal layer of breathable fabric that allows some heat to stay in the wader when you are standing in the water. This helps keep the feet dry and warm while fishing.

Polarized Sunglasses

Women’s freshwater fishing gear should also include polarized sunglasses with UV protection. Polarized sunglasses work to reflect the sunlight and allow you to see underwater without the glare. This works to help cut down on the glare and make it easier to see the fish as they swim by. If women are planning a trip that includes any sort of swimming, they may want to invest in a pair of neoprene waders.

Women’s ice fishing gear should also be used. There are different kinds of ice fishing gears available for women. An all-purpose glove is an essential part of any ice fisherman’s kit. Some pairs of waders come with neoprene padding in the wrist and elbow areas to reduce the amount of wind damage to the clothing as well. Another essential piece of women’s ice fishing gear is a polarized ice fishing vest. These vests are designed with features that help to cut down on the glare and offer better visibility.

Final Words

Another essential piece of the woman’s saltwater fishing gear is sun protection. Women often do not choose the right types of sun block or hat for their needs, so investing in a good sun block or hat is necessary. This will help to keep the skin protected from sun damage and help to keep the head from becoming hot and uncomfortable. Women’s sun protection is also vital for women who are planning on fishing in waters where the sun can be stronger than the water, such as off the shores of the Caribbean.

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