Spearfishing Gear: Top 5 Spearfishing Equipment

Spearfishing Gear

Spearfishing has been the most ancient method of hunting fish from the waterbody all across the world. Even today, many prefer to go for spearfishing as it’s an eco-friendly method to acquire fresh and nutritious seafood. After all, it doesn’t need any dangerous instruments that create water pollution. Also, spearfishing is a fun activity for you to do. However, you must have the right spearfishing gear before going on for the hunt.

Before going for hunting big bass or snapper, you must ensure about the right spearfishing gear. Consulting from professionals can be a wise idea when it comes to a specific location. Not all gears are right for every location. But there are basic gears that you will need to enjoy the spearfishing experience.

Top 5 Spearfishing Gear
Spearfishing Gear: Top 5 Spearfishing Equipment

Spearfishing Gear: Fishing License

Though technically a fishing license is not a fishing gear still you must acquire one. Before you hit the water for spearfishing, there should be a valid spearfishing license. In most parts of the states, you will be fined if you don’t carry a license. Also, there are laws for imprisonment in case you are hunting a protected species. That’s why it is best to have thorough knowledge before spearfishing along with the license.

Weapon Of Choice

The primary weapons of spearfishing are pole spears, slings, or speargun. Pole spears, Hawaiian slings both require you to get close to your prey. However, the slings band will stay in your hand while the pole spear leaves your hand as you throw it at the fish. But in the case of a speargun, things vary based on its construction. You may have launched some speargun manually using a sling and band. Some other speargun runs on gas-power. In case you are opting for speargun, you must check the water visibility and fish size beforehand. For low-visibility areas, shorter spearguns are best. But most times, you will need a multiple-band speargun for extra reach.

Spearfishing Gear: Spearfishing Rash Guards And Wetsuits

Before you venture out for spearfishing, you must equip yourself with a wetsuit. And in the market, you can get a variety of wetsuits. Your selection of the wetsuit must happen based on underwater activity and water temperature. As you are going for spearfishing, you would want to check the suit’s thickness as you dive in warm climates. In warm climates, you must get the wetsuit that is maximum 1.5mm thick. However, if you are planning for deeper dives, the thickness of the wetsuit can increase. In case you are not going for deep dives and won’t stay long in the water, you should wear a rash guard. While choosing the wetsuit, always get a camouflage color or print to avoid any detection. It will be better to have a wetsuit with chest padding as you may feel pressure with constant reloading of the speargun.

Most Important Spearfishing Gear For You
Spearfishing Gear: Top 5 Spearfishing Equipment

Mask And Snorkel

When you are choosing a mask for spearfishing, you must remember several things. Firstly, you would want to opt for a low-profile mask that allows less air in and reduces the pressure as you equalize underwater. Of course, your mask should give you the most visibility underwater. It’s okay to opt for see-through lenses when you are in clear waters, but for low-visibility areas, colored lenses are best. You will be able to see better as the later lenses show increase contrast. If you want to hide your eyes from fish-view, there are mirrored lenses too. It will allow you to attract more fish for sure. No matter which mask you choose, they should fit on your face the right way.

Spearfishing Gear: Gloves

As you will be around the water for a long time as you fish, having good gloves is extremely helpful. It can give you protection and warmth for your hands. You can easily reload your speargun wearing the gloves. In case you wear thicker or thinner gardening gloves, they may work, but its best to go for purpose-built gloves. The gloves should be sturdy yet comfortable and lightweight for the sport.

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