Shrink-Tube Kickers And Line Aligners

Shrink-Tube Kickers And Line Aligners - How to Use?

Do you know about shrink-tube kickers? Many people prefer fishing as a hobby. There are a lot of things that you must know about to be an expert in this hobby. Kickers or hook extensions create a more effective hooking set-up that will ensure you get a good catch every time. However, different types of kickers are available to suit different kinds of hooks. Without extensive knowledge of these arrangements, you can get the best results while fishing. The addition of the kick is a tiny detail, but it can make a significant difference in your fishing experience. The weight allows the alignment of the hook to be such that it will go into the carp’s mouth straight, and this, in turn, will let you pull it out of the water quickly.

Shrink-Tube Kickers – Choosing The Right Kicker For Fishing

Since there are so many different shapes and sizes of the kicker, it can be very confusing. The following are a few popular types which you should know about before you start going out for fishing.

Short Kickers

Most types of hooks are usable along with kickers, and extension of varied size and weight. For hooks like Mugga and Wide Gape Talon Tip, which have an in-turned eye, short kickers are more suitable. Bigger kickers have a risk of closing the gap of the hook and hence are not fit for this purpose. For the short hook extension, Mag aligner rigs set the best possible examples.

Bigger Kickers

Straight eyed hooks like the covert dark incisor pattern work best with the longer kicker and hook shank extensions, and it will not close the gape of the hook. Angling the shrink tube extension right will also help to create a directional flip for the hook, which means the hook will go through the bottom lips and hence have a stronger hold on the carp.

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Shrink-Tube Kickers – Choosing The Right Bait

Once you have set your hooks correctly and have a good idea of how your fishing line will work with the new kicker and extensions you have added to it, it is time for choosing the bait. The following types of bait must be selected depending on what you are fishing for.

  • You need to understand the types of food fishes prefer to have. If you are fishing in freshwater worms, leeches, minnows, are some of the items that work perfectly as bait.
  • Saltwater fishing will require different baits like sea worms, cut-up pieces of other fishes, strips of squid, etc.
  • Make sure you are aware of the fishing regulations in a region before you venture into fishing there.
Shrink-Tube Kickers And Line Aligners - How to Use?
Shrink-Tube Kickers And Line Aligners – How to Use?

There is a lot of things to learn about fishing, and it takes years to be an expert in it. The basic knowledge shared above will help you to kick-start your fishing hobbies, and eventually, practice will help you to perfect the art.

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