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It’s not just fishing gear and tackle, which can also be won free. You can win trips, books, magazines, gift certificates to fishing vacation spots, all this free and at no cost. Just take a little of your time to browse through the Internet and you will be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

There are indeed various opportunities to get paid for giving away freebies, but not all of them are the same. Most of the freebies you will be getting for free are pretty mundane. You might get paid for offering up your opinion on various topics and submit simple articles. Or you could get paid to test different free fishing gear and lures. You can even get paid for writing about various subjects and share your thoughts and ideas on them.

Simply Want To Thank You

A bunch of items that are sitting on a table

Other kinds of free fishing gear and fishing-related giveaways are when people simply want to thank you for all the help they have received from you and offer you free fishing gear as a result. This is often the case when companies need to do a public service by offering free fishing gear for those who helped in any way. For example, school kids would get paid to assist adults with things like stocking the cooler with food, cleaning supplies and other essentials. Or mothers would be given free fishing stuff like ladies polo shirts, hats and other clothing items that will make them look good while at the same time help the cause.

Another way to get free fishing gear is for random selection. This is when you get a shipment of fishing gear from a particular manufacturer and then take it home in your own fishing tackle box. You then try them on the water with your line and see which lures work well. The point here is to see which ones are effective. And this is a great way to practice and get better with using the various types of lures available in the market today.

Through Social Media

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One of the latest ways to win free fishing gear and other giveaways are through social media. Many manufacturers and brands of their respective social media departments, where they regularly give away free products and even invite folks to join their various communities. You can find these folks having contests and one way to become a part of their community is to win free fishing gear as a giveaway or for signing up for their various newsletters.

A particular type of fishing gear manufacturer called “trolling motor” is giving away free trolling motors as a way of promoting their product on social media. This company also sponsors fishing tournaments all around the world and has even set up an international fishing tournament in Thailand. Hence, not only anglers but angler lovers and fishing enthusiasts from across the globe are visiting Thailand to attend these fishing tournaments and take part in the exciting and stimulating activities. Hence, this brand name is definitely worth checking out.

Signing Up On Fishing Facebook

Another great way to get yourself some free fishing gear is by signing up on fishing Facebook or a fishing forum that has a fan page. There are literally thousands of members worldwide who are into some sort of sport or activity and are willing to share their experiences with fellow members. 

On Facebook, for instance, there are various groups dedicated to anglers or those enthusiasts who love fishing and are keen on improving their skills and tactics in their pursuit of catching fish. If you are one of those people, why not sign up in some of these groups and ask your friends and acquaintances where you can get some good quality fishing equipment? Who knows, you might even win a prize from them!


To make the most of your free gift cards, you can also shop online for some of these great fishing gears. It has been noted that there are many people around the globe who have been passionate about sports and other activities for years. However, they remain unknown to many. With the advent of the internet, you can now easily find out more about the lives and personalities of these people. Not only will you learn more about the basics of the sport, but you might also get free gifts and cash incentives along the way. Hence, go shopping online today and check out the huge inventory of fishing gear from some of the leading brands in the country such as Abu Garcia, Cabela’s, North Coast Fishing, Saltwater Angler, Sunfish Power Station, etc., and then make your purchase.

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