Retirees Rod Building Hobby, From Obsession To Do It Better:

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Randy, a retired individual, poses the rod building hobby. However, he ended up making some fishing rods. Although those were not the perfect ones. Since they tried but failed every time, it made him make more of them. He adapted to life from the last 11 years. And till now, he is carrying on this lifestyle. Nothing changed from then. Every time he builds around, he looks forward to replacing it with a perfect one. However, the number increased, but he never the perfect one as per him.


  1. Building A Fishing Rod:


Building a fishing rod is nothing like rocket science. It is an effortless and task to take on. However, the main focus remains on the grip and reel seat to rod bank. After that, attaching the thread to the rods is another important task.


It might look difficult. However, it was easy for Randy. Moreover, he always embellishes the rods he prepares every time with vibrant thread wraps. After that, he adds some fancy looking reel seats with some fiber carbon grips to them.


He comments that that can build some of the best, which one can find in stores. However, he also states that he can build better rods than the one in shops. He focuses on making the orient strong. After that, he places and sizes the guides as per the decision of the owner. Moreover, Randy also has the confidence to make the fishing rodes pretty.


Randy took the art of making rod from the year 2007. And an advertisement for rod building class inspired him. The local trout unlimited chapter offered those classes.


He then tried his hands on the fly, tying ideas. And he loved what he did back then. This made him decide to work with rod building. It somehow inspired him to make it a hobby.


  1. Rod Building Hobby, A Fascination:


Likewise, he faced many problems like a newbie. He was unaware of the fact of how many guides to place in the rods. After that, he was also unaware of the size requirement. This made him buy the whole kit. He bought the whole lot, which had all the required material in it.


The kit came with 6 foot 6 rods. They came in with two weight line. The first time which he made, he liked it. Hut, his consciousness told him that he could do better than this. He also realizes that he gained a hobby to stick with.


After a couple of weeks, we went on purchasing a rod lathe. A rod lathe comes with the usage of shaping groups. It also offers a wrapping guide. This action also made him realize that he loved this. He thought to himself that can do this for a remaining lifetime.


This idea grew so strong within him that he went on dedicating a room for rod building. These tiny yet bright rooms come equipped with an extended lathe. This offers him work on rods, which are up to 12 meters in height.

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