Old Fishing Games That Will Help You Relive Your Fishing Camping

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Old fishing games came in a variety, from relaxing ones to hard-core. There were a lot of computerized games around the late 90s. Many of these developed through the years, and new versions also came out. 

The history of old fishing games started in the year 1977 with the game, Gone Fishing. DOS operating system, early windows, and game console were some of the initial platforms in the 90s for the various old fishing games. 

Sega Bass Fishing 

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Initially released in December 1997, it started as an arcade game. Available on Dreamcast, it came with a fishing rod controller and allowed the players to cast their lines with a flick of the wrist. It was new as compared to the usual push of a button feature. It was one of the most realistic fishing games on the market at the time of its release. The purpose of these old fishing games was to catch fish – big, small, super big. In arcade mode, the player has a predetermined weight requirement of fish to seize in a set amount of time.

One can argue that its visuals haven’t aged too well in the two decades since, but it is still a great way to kill a few hours on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It was not an intimidating game, lightly challenging – not made for more hard-core gamers.  Today it is available on PSN, Xbox 360, Wii, and Windows. 

The Black Bass 

Initially released in November 1989, the game’s objective was to have a relaxing time fishing. No major tournaments or frequent competitions. It was a 2-D fishing game set in a different style as compared to the later fishing games. The purpose of the game was to reel in the largest black bass found in the lake.

It perfectly captured what is it like to be in a big lake all by yourself. Its simplicity made it interesting, as was said by one player in his review. The game did a good job of making it as realistic as possible, and there was nothing very flashy about its graphics. What made this simple game so interesting was its process – hooking and reeling the many different types of fish.

The Blue Marlin

Another one of the old fishing games was on the NES platform. It was released in the year 1992. The game had four different tournament events (Hawaii I, Hawaii II, Hawaii III, Florida) that the billfish fisher, i.e., the player, was seeking to win.  There are a variety of fishes, billfishes, and junk fishes like shark, dorado, etc., that the player has to hook. After hooking the fish, the fish fight screen opens. The player needed to watch the various fish stats (line length, hook strength, etc.) to better manage the variables and to be able to handle larger and larger fishes. The music was great, but it gets covered by the other sound effects. These old fishing games weren’t so popular in their time because of various reasons, from faulty manual to the opaque QTE system and character skills stat.  


The old fishing games have had various levels of popularity, but their nostalgia factor has been constant.

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