Nier Automata Fishing Tips Which You Need To Know

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In nier automata fishing is a very great way to earn some money and also for that hunter who wants to live around by the pound can achieve our Trophy for catching 20 different kinds of fish. The iron pipe small boat weapon and pot B are the only two special items that are needed to be found in the game of fishing. If you want to get 100% Intel and want to make sure that you have cash for every kind of fish or you want to know how to earn the best money out of catching fish then we have got you some very good information which will help you to find every fish and item in the game. This will help you to learn the basic agenda of the game.

How to fish?

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By using your faithful pod companion you can catch specific bodies of fish throughout the game from specific bodies regardless of which Android you are playing. Wherever you will be going to catch a fish, a prompt message will appear on the screen that you are going to catch fish and then you can begin catching fish by using the action button. By moving the arrow that appears on the screen you can choose where you want to cast your pod. You need to be aware when the pod dips below the water so that you can be aware that your Pod is in the view while you are fishing.

Locations where you can fish

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During your trip, there are various places where you can get fishes to catch, so we have made a small guide to help you out about each area and the different kinds of fishing holes you can find. You need to keep the pod in view while you’re faced with this. You should be aware when the pod is below the water and goes against the current suddenly so that you are aware of the catch to reel in your catch and discover what your pod has called for you. Now tap on the action button. We have also mentioned some tips where they are found for the most obscure ones.

  • City Ruins Streams
  • City Ruins Ravine
  • City Ruins Sewers
  • City Ruins Underground
  • Desert Zone Oasis
  • Desert Zone Oilfield
  • Bridge of Amusement Park
  • Waterfalls Of Forest Zones
  • Castle Front of Forest Zones
  • Waterfall Flooded City
  • Missile of Flooded City
  • Flooded City Coast

Fish Items You Can Catch

If you want to get a hundred percent in telling them you need to catch 41 different types of fish in the game. So in the first round, You only need to catch 20 different kinds of fish. With the name of around by the pound accolade, you can catch two additional items which are a weapon and a pod but they will not count towards the fishing achievement trophy. 


Your catching of fishes entirely depended on the RNG like most other games and even if you have landed in the right location it will take you a great deal of time to land the fish you are after because in this game free service is the key. Enjoy this game and learn some basic fishing techniques. If you are very interested in playing games related to catching fishes then you can go for this amazing game.

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