Making A Fishing Spear By Yourself

making a fishing spear

If you enjoy the sport of fishing then you are probably interested in making a fishing spear. This can be a fun project for the whole family to participate in. However, there are many safety tips that need to be followed before attempting such a complex task. If you follow the right rules you can avoid injury. Here are some tips that will help you make a fishing spear.

An Overview

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The first step in making a fishing spear is to get a straight, strong and old wood stick. You will want a straight, long and skinny stick. It is best if it’s an old dead tree as dead wood tends to crack more easily than living wood. Get a stick that is exactly the length you intend to use for the spear. If you are making a spear that is over two feet long, you can use two sticks of different lengths to help you get the perfect length.

You will next need a point or handle for your spearfishing tool. The most common type of spearfishing stick is made from aluminum. While this type of stick is the most common you can also find sticks made from steel, carbon fiber, brass, titanium and even wood. When you get your stick its best to go with one that has a butt cap to keep the point and shaft of the stick from rubbing against each other during the entire fishing session.

Sharpen The Sticks

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Once you have your sticks prepared it is time to sharpen them. Spearfishing is a serious sport and you will need the sharpest stick you can find to help you get the fish. If you plan on making a spear that is longer than eight inches you should use a wood sapling for the spearhead. Wood will hold the line better than aluminum. If you want to make a shorter spear, you can use a plastic wood piece but make sure that the wood piece is clean and not dull.

Now that you have your wood sapling ready you are ready to learn how to make a fishing spear sharpener. You will need one or two small pointed knives to make the prongs. One of your knives can be made into a pry bar that can be used to pry off the hair from the Cord. To attach the Cord you will need to use two smaller pointed knives.

Now all you have to do is thread the Hair Cord through the Prongs and tie off the end. This can be a tricky task, so don’t try to do it without practice. The easiest way to do this is to thread the cord through the drilled hole, then through the hole in the palm of your hand, and through the hole in the end of the spear. Then tie off the end. Once this is done you will have a nice little Prong that will allow you to prick the fish through the meat.

Pull the Prongs

Now comes the time to pull the Prongs out of the fish. Use your fingertips to pull the prongs out of the fish. It is best to prick the fish several times with your fingertips because they will go through the hole easier if you do it this way. Once you have pulled all of the Prongs out you will want to leave the needle hole intact. This way when you fish your next catch all you have to do is thread the needle hole back in and reattach the Cord.


Then it is time to tie the knots and insert the hooks into the holes in the fish. These are where the meat will come out. Make sure that when you tie the knot to the loop on the hook that you tighten it so that there is no leaking. After that is all tied off you are ready to start fishing. Just make sure that you have the right type of spear and that you take your time when fishing and practice as much as you can.

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