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fishing games for iphone

If you are an avid fisherman, then definitely you have heard of iPhone fishing games. Anglers love them for the ease and simplicity, and others just can’t get enough of them since they can conveniently go outdoors and fish anytime they want. Hence, after playing lots of these, eventually came to form a list of best iPhone fishing games. From there, you could easily find answers to commonly asked questions about these games.

The first question that most would ask is whether these iPhone games are indeed “real.” Well, since they are highly technologically advanced, most probably it’s as real as it could get. They are developed with accurate representation of real life fishing experience. You could even find technical differences in graphical representations of different locations and time of day. Because of that, they are considered as among the most realistic fishing games for iPhone, regardless if it’s the original or remade version.

An Overview

Another question that almost all would be asking is how in the heck they are made realistic. Well, the answer is simple iPhones are equipped with sophisticated graphics and sensors to make all the scenes, characters, and events come alive. This way, the fishing games for iPhone become more fun and interesting.

Most of these fishing games for iPhone have different sets of settings to choose from. Some are single player and is played by one player, whereas others have two players with each having their own personal LCD screen. However, in the latter case, each player is permitted to use his/her own fishing rod and line, thus allowing the player to make longer casts or short ones. Another setting available in many of these iPhone fly fishing games for iPhone is the “stakes” mode. In this game, the only goal is to hook the most fish possible within a certain period of time. The catch can be recorded and later, you will be able to see your catch on the leader boards and be able to win huge prizes.

Although the iPhone version of this game has a few limitations, it still has a number of impressive features that have been emulated very well in its Android counterpart. For example, when playing in the solo mode, you are given the option to switch between the virtual blind and bright screens. The same is true for playing in versus mode; there are two screens in the iPhone adaptation of fishing clash.

iPhone vs Android Phone

A cup of coffee

Furthermore, aside from the actual graphical interface, both the iPhone and the Android versions of fishing games for iphone allow you to play with the game using real money (as opposed to the usage of points which is only possible in the iPhone). In fact, the Android version of this game allows you to play for real money as well! This is a novel idea considering the fact that many people believe that iPhone apps aren’t considered “real” apps because they are not purchased with cash. However, the reasoning here doesn’t hold true when you consider the fact that many people purchase goods and services without spending any money at all. In other words, we are talking about people who download apps so that they can have access to these goods and services without spending too much money in the process.

When you look at the different types of choices that you have when it comes to fishing games for iphone, it becomes clear that there are a variety of things that you will be able to play. It would seem like the problem is just as wide between the iPhone and the Android versions, but the fact is that you should really consider which one you want to use. To begin with, Android offers you some unique fishing games in addition to the ones that are available for iPhone users. For example, there are games that allow you to download and play on your device versus ones that you must purchase to use on the iPhone. Additionally, there are even games available that allow you to play on the devices together, such as an iPhone and an Android phone.

The real issue that people often run into when looking at both the iPhone and the Android versions of these great iPhone and Android fishing games is the fact that many of them are being offered for free. You may think that this defeats the purpose of giving these a try, but the reality is that you actually can get a ton of these apps for free! Consider how many people would be interested in trying out one of these iPhone and Android fishing games if they were offered for free. What’s more is that many of these free fishing games for iphone and Android are even available for download from the Android Market. Therefore, if you head over to the Android Market, you will be able to find a plethora of these games for your phone.

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