Ice Fishing Tips – Basic Ice Fishing Techniques

Ice Fishing Tips - Basic Ice Fishing Techniques

The classic ice fishing tip down from a tree has been around for years. The tip-down fishing method is the simplest and most efficient way to catch icefish in Florida’s waters.

Tip down fishing is a technique that requires just a little bit of skill to learn. It is also one of the simplest ice fishing methods around. It takes about two minutes to learn, but it is easy to master.

What Do We Mean By Ice Fishing

While using the ice to catch fish is a very old ice fishing method, the tip down method has been used by fishermen in South Florida for generations. People have long known that catching icefish in Florida is not as difficult as many people think.

Here Is The Tip Down Ice Fishing Tips
Here Is The Tip Down Ice Fishing Tips

A person can do it all from their regular boat, or a motorboat. While the ice is still lying on the bottom of the boat, the angler lays the ice down in a way that they can lean over and directly shoot the icefish.

The first tip is that the ice should be just under the surface of the water so that the angler does not waste any time looking for fish that have frozen on the bottom. The second tip is that the angler should have plenty of space between themselves and the ice.

Some Tips On Ice Fishing

The third tip is that the ice should be positioned away from the boat’s movement. This will give the angler enough room to lean without making the angler look like they are standing straight up on the ice. The fourth tip is that the angler should always have an area in which to rest their fishing pole.

Following these basic ice fishing tips will greatly improve your success when fishing. Some important things to remember are:

Fish have a very short attention span, so waiting for the fish to come to you is not a good idea. Slow down and strike at the right moment. And most importantly, ice fishing in Florida waters is fun and exciting.

Here Is The Tip Down Ice Fishing Tips
Here Is The Tip Down Ice Fishing Tips

Some Of The Advantages

Having a camera is an advantage, and there are some great photographs that you can take of your favorite fish that you landed. But remember to keep the images private. You do not want your friends or family to see the photos of the nice, shiny trophy fish that you just landed.

Tip down ice fishing is very simple, as you can see. There are no complicated techniques or steps involved, only some common sense. If you follow the tips above, you can be up and fishing in no time at all.

Once you’ve found a fishing spot in the lake or the bay, it is simply a matter of laying the ice on the bottom of the boat and stacking the bait in the pole. Be sure that the angler has plenty of room to stand up in the boat, and that he/she can maneuver the boat in a non-threatening manner. If you’re new to ice fishing, you might want to consider purchasing a small inflatable boat, so that you can practice until you get comfortable.

Bottom Line

This is how you’ll catch the fish, and this is how you’ll get them home. Bottom feeders and silvers can be frustrating, but once you learn to fish like an expert, the frustration melts away, and you can just enjoy a day on the water.

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