How To Use A Fishing Rod?

How To Use A Fishing Rod?

Are you a fishing enthusiast? This article is only for you. In other words in this article we will tell you about the most important tool. The tool is the fishing rod!

Humans are practicing fishing for ages. Hence some do fishing for leisure and some do it to earn their livelihood. Therefore Fishing is a major business throughout the world.

Millions of people depend upon fishing throughout the world. Moreover Many people believe that fishing is an art. In other words it does not require any special devices or machinery. Fishermen do it using simple tools like a net or a rod.

Today in this article, we shall be talking about the fishing rod, its features, factors to consider while purchasing a rod, and its specifications. Read on to know more.

What Is A Fishing Rod?

Silver Salmon River Fishing
Silver Salmon River Fishing

In simple terms, a fishing rod is a flexible rod that fishermen use. A fishing rod is a long rod. We connect the rod to a hook and a line.

The rod is available in various sizes. The length of the rod can be anywhere between 2 feet to 20 feet. The fishing rod is made of wood or metal.

Fish Hook

As the name suggests, it is a hook! It is attached to a fishing rod. We use the hook to catch the fish.

A fish hook is attached to the fishing rod through its ‘eye’. The body of the hook is bent in a U-shape. The hook has a pointed end.

The pointed end of the hook is fixed to a ‘lure’ that attracts the fishes and is put into the water. It pierces the mouth or body of the fish and traps it.

By construction, it is made up of metal that is strong and rigid enough to pierce the body of the fishes to kill them.

Fishing Line

The line is a cord that is attached to the rod. Moreover It looks more like a thread with two ends. In other words it is strong enough to lift the fish by its weight.

One end of the string is attached to the hook and the other end is attached to a reel. Moreover A reel is used so that it assists in catching the fish. Hence Once a fish is caught, the line is folded back to the reel thereby pulling the fish.


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A fishing line is connected with a reel. The reel also avoids tangling of the fishing line. Moreover, the reel contains a handle that helps in rolling the line and also pulling the fishes.

How To Use A Fishing Rod?

A fishing rod is connected to a line through a reel attached to one end of the line. In other words, the other end of the line is connected to a hook. The hook is connected to fish-food or a lure.

Then, the fisherman throws the hook into the water by opening the reel and a fisherman waits for a fish to become its prey.

Once a fish sees the lure and tries to eat it, the hook pierces the body of the fish. Moreover The movement in the rod notifies the fisherman and he then pulls back the line through the reel, thereby catching a fish.

I hope this information acts as a guide to your fishing. Let me know your views on it.

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