How to Clean Fishing Reel Gears

fishing reel gears

If you are going to use fishing reel gears then you need to know how to take care of them. Some may think that oiling them is enough, but I would recommend oiling them twice a year. The reason I recommend oiling them twice a year is because it helps keep them in good working order. I have personally used Vaseline to oil my reels, once during the dry season and once during the wetter months. This helped me to save some money by not having to buy another can.

The other problem with using Vaseline as a lubricant is that it becomes almost too liquid at times. I have tried many different brands and found that the best one to use on my fishing reels is Zebco. If you’re fishing in a saltwater fishing area then this brand of lubricant will do the best. However, it will not work as well in freshwater areas because it does not hold up well to the saltwater conditions. Also, it tends to build up as it gets older and gets wet.

An Overview

Another issue with some types of fishing reel gears is that they tend to build up grease over the pinion and teeth on the reel. This is a pretty easy thing to fix. If you get a heavy build up of grease then just apply some brake cleaner to it. Follow this up with some silicon to make sure that the dirt does not come off the gears any time soon.

Another common problem with fishing reel gears is that they will become misaligned. This happens when the tension is not properly applied on the rod or the spool. In order to fix this you need to first determine which part of the spool is not being used. Then you simply rotate it, and the gears will be lined up correctly with one another.

Cleaning Fishing Reel Gears

To test your fishing reel gears yourself you can simply attach a toothbrush to each tooth. You will then determine if the teeth are lined up correctly. This is pretty easy to do. Simply apply some fishing reel gear lube grease to the toothbrush, and then brush each tooth with the toothbrush in a back and forth motion. If the teeth come loose then you have a misalignment.

Another common problem in fishing reel gears is that they start to stick together. This may sound funny, but in most cases it is a symptom of poor quality materials or workmanship. In order to prevent this from happening to you, I recommend using some epoxy paint. Epoxy is a very strong and durable paint, and it is easily applied on fishing reels. The next time you go fishing, before you put your line in the water, spray some of the epoxy directly on the spool, and then let it dry overnight.

Saltwater use requires that you also pay attention to how you treat your reel. It is no secret that saltwater fish can corrode anything they can lay their hands on. Because of this, you should treat your reel like you would any other piece of metal. First you should definitely remove any and all accessories from the reel before you ever leave your saltwater fishing tackle box. These accessories include every hook, bobber, wheel, and spring in the set. After you have done this, you can then wipe down the entire thing in order to remove any corrosion that has occurred over the years.

Bottom Line

After you have cleaned your reel, you should then remember to always make sure it is oiled so that your drag washers operate at their optimal speed. In addition, I recommend using some small pliers to squeeze some WD40 on the fly reel spool and then use a toothbrush to clean out the areas between the gears. I personally recommend using a combination of both gear grinders and toothbrushes in order to keep your reels clean. If you are looking for more information on proper maintenance, be sure to check out my site today!

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