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In spearfishing, the ideal weight for a speargun is often a compromise between increased penetration strength and carrying comfort. Too light, and it just becomes a pain to hold, causing fatigue quickly, and too heavy, to be a nightmare to carry. The 3-piece Land and Sea Light and Dark Aluminum Land and Sea Fibreglass Hand Spear is well-balanced and able to cope with either a light or heavy speargun. The lightweight Land and Sea models are great for quick day hikes, or snorkeling. These models have an enlarged ocular area to absorb and spread the impact of a speargun hit better than the Dark models.

An Overview

Spear Fishing

Both the Dark and the Light offer the removable carrying handles, which make it easier to gain the necessary balance without the handle falling off. The removable carrying handles allow the angler to maintain a natural tension, and improve hand and eye coordination when maneuvering through the water. One of the advantages of the removable carrying handles is that it makes for a more stable balance and also lessens the chance of the handle coming off during a retrieve. The three-piece design of the Land and Sea models provides excellent carrying comfort, with the most advanced breathable, flexible silicone skins available on any model.

Varied Models 

Spear Fishing

The Land and Sea spearfishing models are made from lightweight, durable materials, offering maximum protection against shock, vibration and abrasion. The front face of the spear has been designed to protect the user from splash back, while still allowing clear vision. The stainless steel, fully tempered aluminum front face and stainless steel side panels have been designed specifically to minimize heat transfer, and reduce the amount of friction caused by hand and spearfishing actions. The sides and back of both the Light and Dark models are designed with contoured, ergonomic fit to fit every pocket, chest and glove compartment. The stainless steel, fully tempered aluminum front face and stainless steel side panels have been designed specifically to minimize heat transfer, and reduce the amount of friction caused by hand and spearfishing actions.

Spearfishing is one of the oldest sports in history, dating back to ancient Rome. The earliest type of spearfishing equipment was simple, consisting of a metal stick or spear that was attached to a leather strap. This was often strapped around the waist or behind the handle of the spear. As time progressed and spear technology improved, metal handles were developed and were attached to the handle via metal lacing. The advantage of this was that it allowed the user to remove the spearfishing equipment quickly and easily, while not losing any of the effectiveness.

Tech Advanced Materials

Because of the advances in modern materials and technology spearfishing equipment is designed to be more streamlined, flexible and durable. Currently the most popular spearfishing equipment available is the handheld speargun. The speargun is typically a two handed weapons, with the use of one hand on the handle and the other hand at the tip of the spear. In recent years, some spear users have switched to a single handed spearfishing weapon, in an effort to improve efficiency. The one handed spear has a handle that is opposite the point of the spear, allowing the user to aim for a more precise shot. The spear can be gripped by either hand or held in both hands for more of a thrusting action.

When choosing a speargun the best material is stainless steel, due to the high heat conductance of the metal. A typical spear will be between five and eight inches in length, with a handle between one and two inches. Spearheads range in size from a pinhead to a head on a bullet. Most spearfishing equipment comes with a carrying case and a case that fit the spear, which is held in the hands for leverage and balance. Some spearfishing equipment is designed specifically for throwing, while others are more for use as a lure.


Spearguns range in price depending on the design and material used. A single-edged spear is made of a solid bended needle shaped steel, and will be relatively light weight, for example a thirty-five millimeter spearfishing spear. This is the lighter version, designed specifically to be used as a baitfish thrower. Multi edged spearfishing spears, which are designed for larger fish, can weigh anywhere between seventy-five and one hundred and fifty kilograms. They can be further categorized into thin, heavy and medium spearfishing spear, with the latter being designed for use as a lure.


The spear must be pierced through the flesh of the fish, which is why it is sometimes called a “lance”. To do this, the spearfishing gun (or speargun) is used. One type of gun is held in the hand to allow for steady shot, while another type is attached to a strap on the back of the user’s arm for extra stability. The speargun can be loaded either manually or by using a loading device, such as a spring loaded spearfishing gun.

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