Fishing Tips How To Escape From Tarkov Fishery

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Tarkov is a small coastal town on the sea shore of the Black Sea. It is also called as the “Petersburg of the Peninsula.” Fishing is a popular hobby in Tarkov. The village is also popular for its exceptional wine. And, the best thing about it is that you can enjoy both while you are on your trip.

Kinds Of People Who Fish In Tarkov

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There are two kinds of people who fish in Tarkov: the first is a complete novice. They simply hire a fishing charter service, pick up their gear, and set out for a day of fishing. From that point on, they know nothing about fishing. Most likely they will be handed over to an experienced guide who has studied the local habitat and the habits of fish. A guide is very important when going on a fishing trip. He or she will help you find the best places to cast your lines.

In addition to the guide, make sure that you bring the right kind of tackle to take down the fish. Remember that the guide is not responsible for preserving the fish’s health. Remember too that you must have the right equipment. Remember too that your guide won’t have any problem telling you that spot on which you can catch the biggest fish. So, it pays to be careful.

If you are on your first trip with your guide, make sure that you don’t eat the fish too much. The fish might be cooked, but there is still no way of knowing how fresh it is. You can ask the guide to cook it for you. However, don’t expect to get the same quality that you would get in a restaurant.

When you are on your fishing trip, you should have the guide show you how to remove the scales. Scales are important because they protect the body of the fish. The scales act as an additional layer of protection so that other internal organs like the lungs, liver and the brain don’t get affected. While you are learning how to remove the scales, the guide can explain how to fish for them.

Make sure that you leave a log behind so that you can track the movement of the fish. This is especially important when you are fishing in a body of water. There might be many things in that water. For example, sculpin are usually found in cold, deep water and if you are unable to see the scales on the fish, you could be losing a catch. As a beginner, you should make sure that you learn the best way to track fish.

During the journey, you will have to carry your equipment in a special bag. This bag will have to stay with your guide all the time. It is the bag in which you will store all the catch. A guide cannot take everything with him, so he has to bring the bag with only the things that he needs. If you are a beginner, it is best that you do not carry too much in the fishing gear.

Last Words 

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When you are going to escape from Tarkov, you can ask your guide to meet you at a certain point. You will need to use the guide’s stoves to warm up. When you feel warm, you can start walking. Since you are going to follow a river, you will need to wear shoes that have waterproof soles. Also, keep in mind that there are times that the fish might escape through the nooks and corners of the water. In this case, you need to follow your guide, but you should also carry the fish with you in case it escapes.

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