Fishing Rod: The Different Varieties Available

Fishing Rod: The Different Varieties Available

Having the right tools is as necessary for fishing as it is with any other sport. Considering the vast collection of baits and procedures, fishing rod manufacturers have come up with rods for casting specific baits more accurately and farther.

Modern-day rods are designed in a way to offer the anglers benefit over hooked basses. Now, it has become easier for effective fishers to choose the right tool. Perfect rods suited to given situations allow the anglers to cast and work baits accurately. It also helps them in detecting more strikes and in setting the hook to catch a fish. Continue with your search for the right rod by going through the varieties mentioned below:

Fishing Rod: The Different Varieties Available
Fishing Rod: The Different Varieties Available

Spin Casting

Spin casting rods are specifically made for spin casting reels generally mounted over the handle. Having small eyes, these rods feature forefinger grip trigger. Nevertheless, since they look very similar to bait casting rods, these can easily be used for different varieties of reels. This is the reason why experts have named them simple casting rods.

Spinning Rods

Do not get tricked by the name! They are completely different from spin casting rods in that the users have their reel on a much lower side of such rods. Avid fishermen are of the view that these tools are quite global. They can effectively be used in different situations.  Additionally, you can find them in varied sizes. Spinning rods are highly preferred across the market in rod and reel combo mainly because of their versatility.

Bait Casting Fishing Rod

Even though these rods look very similar to spin casting rods, they tend to be a bit more complicated when it comes to usage. While spin casting rods are perfect for beginners into fishing, the bait casting variants are more apt for experienced anglers. They are highly preferred by professionals and skilled fishers for their accuracy. Also, baitcasting rods are far more powerful and sturdier in comparison to the other variants. They allow users to make use of heavier covers and lines.

Fishing Rod: The Different Varieties Available
Fishing Rod: The Different Varieties Available

Fly Rods

You will find them in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes. These are specially crafted for the ones who take a proper interest in fly fishing. Fly rods are flexible and thin, allowing the users to work their fly forward and backward. Also, these rods are small and lightweight. You will find them in sizes specifically designed for targeting different fish varieties starting from the tiny trouts found in minuscule mountain brooks to the bulky saltwater fish such as tuna and marlin.

Telescopic Fishing Rod

These are portable fishing rods featuring versatile tips that make casting very easy. You can even extend it as much as twenty feet long. Once extended, they look very similar to the common spinning rods available in the market.

Surf Rods

You can use these rods for surfcasting. These rods come with long grip handles and are generally 10 to 14 feet in length.

In conclusion, choosing the perfect fishing rod completely depends on your preferences and requirements.

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