Fishing Games For Kids: Top Five Android Fishing Games

Fishing Games For Kids

Humans are fishing almost from the beginning of our existence. Before, our ancestors used to hunt fish for food, and now it has also become a recreational sport. However, as we are all so busy in our day-to-day life, fewer people have time to head out for fishing in the nearest lake or river. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay away from the fun of fishing. Now, you can get lots of fishing games for kids on Google Play. Of course, these games can’t replace the fun of the real fishing at all. Interestingly, the following fishing games for kids are also gaining love from the adults too:

Fishing Games For Kids: 3DCARP

For playing the 3DCARP, you have to pay a little price once. 3DCARP features four rivers and eight lakes to catch varieties of fish. As the game offers few minor details, it sets the game at the higher ground from its peers. For fishing in the game, you can use the bait boats, also can climb a tree to find more fish in the water. Some fish will jump as they get hooked. Though it is not a popular fishing game, still, it offers solid gameplay. As the game hasn’t received any update, you should try out the game before its refund period ends. We don’t know whether bugs can ever get fixed.

Android Fishing Games For Kids
Fishing Games For Kids: Top Five Android Fishing Games

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

Among the Android fishing games, Ace Fishing is extremely popular. You can also customize the fishing tackle, catch different fish, travel to various places, and more in the game. Interestingly, global leaderboard lets everyone see how different your catches are from others. Though the difficulty level of this fishing game is easy, still the mechanics are fun. You can also learn some basic fishing tactics in the game.

Fishing Games For Kids: The Fish Master

If you love arcade-style games, The Fish Master is perfect for you. You have to drop the line down and catch as many fish as you can. There are upgrades in the game, which lets you fish at more depth for more fish. Also, the fishing game offers idle game elements. The game allows you to earn some virtual money as you do stuff. Of course, it is a casual fishing game with no intricacy when it comes to graphics. But it’s a fine game and not bad for killing some time. For the full version of the game, you will have to pay a little amount one time.

Top Five Fishing Games For Kids
Fishing Games For Kids: Top Five Android Fishing Games

Fishing Break

Your kid will love the Fishing Break game as it is a simple yet fun game. In this game, the angler has to catch at least a hundred different types of fish across eight different areas. Also, there are achievements to earn too and climb up the leaderboards. The game might be fast but also challenging. Though the graphics are very simple, yet it is a fun game to play. The cartoon, like the feel of the game, makes the game dear over the realistic approach. You can play the game when commercials are running, or you are waiting at a line.

Fishing Hook

If you have an interest in realistic fishing games, you may love Fishing Hook for sure. It is no doubt a basic game, but its focus is on realism. In the game, the player has to spend his/her time on a virtual boat, most of the time putting the line in the water. However, the mechanics of the game can feel a little weird. But they are not too difficult to understand. Interestingly, this game features achievements, challenge fish, ranking along with giving 16 language support. But the game comes with some unusual bugs, mostly regarding permissions. Apart from that, the game will give you a positive experience.

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