Fisher – The Story Of A Fisherman!

Fisher – The Story Of A Fisherman!

Fisher, I am sure you might not have heard about this term before, but we are using this term to define a fisherman.

A fisherman catches fishes of various sizes and types. Read on this article to know everything about fishing, a fisher, and his life.


Fishing is a practice of catching fishes from waters. Fishermen are catching fishes for ages now. A fisherman catches fishes for various purposes, about which you will read later.

If you love eating fishes or if you take interest in fishing, then you must definitely read this article! Why? Because I say so!

For most non-vegetarians, living without eating a fish is like a fish itself living without water!

The Life Of A Fisher

Fisher – The Story Of A Fisherman!
Fisher – The Story Of A Fisherman!

More often than not, you will find a fisherman living near a river, or a lake, or even a sea. It is because that way, the fisher will be close to his workplace. Wonder what is his workplace? As mentioned earlier, the workplace of a fisherman is a sea, lake or a river.

A fisherman spends his entire life waking up early in the mornings and going near the waters in the hope of catching a fish. A fisherman that you might come across will not be a rich man. Fishermen earn very less money, just like a farmer.

Most fishermen usually live below the poverty line. They catch fishes and sell it either on federal platforms or directly to consumers to make some money for livelihood.

Techniques Used By A Fisher To Catch A Fish

A fisherman uses two tools to catch fishes. One – a net, two – a fishing rod.

Fishing Using A Net

As the name suggests, a fishing net is just a net! A fisherman throws the net into the water and traps the fishes into the net. Using a net, a fisherman can fish many fishes at a time.

Fishing Using A Fishing Rod

Fishing using a rod is a bit difficult and is a lot more time consuming as compared to fishing using a net.

A fishing rod is consists of a hook, reel, and a line. A line is a thread attached to reel and the hook. A fisher attaches the hook with a lure, to attract the fishes. When the fish comes and bites the lure, it gets stuck in the hook and the fisher pulls it out of the water and catches it.

The techniques of fishing are simple yet time-consuming using the fishing rods. Unfortunately, unlike fishing using the nets, you can catch only one fish at a time using the fishing rods.

Fisher – The Story Of A Fisherman!
Fisher – The Story Of A Fisherman!

Supporting A Fisherman

Selling a fish is a big task for fishermen. Once they have a stock of fishes with them, they set out to various markets to sell fishes. In some places, the local governments have set up markets to sell fishes. A fisher can sell his fish directly to the consumer or to the wholesalers at those markets.

Usually, a fisherman earns very less money through which he is hardly able to earn his living. As already mentioned, most of the fishermen are living under the poverty line today. They sell their fishes at very low costs to wholesalers, who act as middlemen between them and customers. The wholesalers keep a high margin and sell the fisher to retailers and consumers.

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