FFXIV Spear Fishing Techniques You Cannot Miss Out On

ffxiv spear fishing

Are you looking to learn everything there is to know about the spearfishing feature in Final Fantasy XIV? Don’t worry as we’ve got you covered! Final Fantasy XIV is a role-playing multiplayer game initially designed for Microsoft Windows in 2013 but it can now also be played on the PlayStation 4 and OS X. Since it is a multiplayer game, players are free to create and customize their avatars and interact with other players in their selected game server. Here is all about FFXIV Spear Fishing.

FFXIV Spear Fishing Basics

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Players can upgrade their characters by earning themselves “experience points” known as EXP within the game. This can be done by visiting dungeons and conquering various quests, slaying monsters, etc. The game also has an underlying storyline in some locations which is indirectly narrated through non-player characters and they are the ones who assign most of the tasks as well. One of the controls in the game is that of the FFXIV spear fishing and everything you need to know about this feature is listed below.


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Spearfishing is a new, upgraded type of fishing introduced in the game. If you’re looking towards saving some gil for utilizing it in the future, using the spear or rod for fishing is an effective option. Visiting multiple fishing spots is how you can catch the fish you’re looking for to score EXP since the fishes you catch are unpredictable and can also sometimes be repetitive and these are available in the ruby sea underwater. If you want to catch sea pickles, use the veteran trade option when you catch something else instead. To catch the Mitsuriko Shark or Thousandfang, use the collector’s glove if you have got your hands on it already.

How To Unlock Spearfishing

Spearfishing can only be unlocked in the Fisher’s 61st level of the game and is under the quest of “A New Fishing Ex-spear-ience”. The location where the quest starts is at the ruby sea but the non-player character can be found at Sumitsubo.

How To Spearfish

After choosing your spearfishing gig, use either of the “Fathom” or “Shark Eye” option to identify the location of the teeming waters and then proceed to target it. Give it a while before bubbles start to appear as this is the indication of a sea creature yet to appear, and once it does, use your selected gig to spear it and fully speared fishes are added to your inventory. You can continue to keep trying if you do miss the opportunity to spear it but only until the waters remain; once it’s depleted, you lose your chance to spear.


Final Fantasy XIV is a fun and engaging game that can be played with all of your friends so don’t miss out on the game and its new and improved features. For anyone with sufficient interest and fishing, this one can look like the best activity to do and this is also suitable for children and it helps them in gaining knowledge about these techniques.

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