Everything You Need To Know About Spear Fishing License

spear fishing license

In the US spear fishing needs a license without which fishermen may be put behind bars and charged a penalty. It is illegal to spear fish without a valid ID proof and a regular fishing license. In many states senior citizens above the age of sixty five can spear fish without its license. But they must have a proper identity card to showcase their actual details. Rules are different in different states and there are limitations on which fish you can spear and which ones are restricted. So let’s walk you through the states and their rules to help you.

Spear Fishing License In Florida

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Florida is a great place for the fishing community. There are tons of places where you can fish for saltwater fish and non-residential people above sixty five do not need a license. However, they have to wear their ID at all times and oblige to all the rules. Some rules regarding this is that one cannot fish in Monroe County, within hundred yards of a jetty, within hundred yards of a public place, protected water body that can hamper the environment of the place and any other fresh water body.

Besides these rules of spearfishing, there is a list of fishes that one is not allowed to fish. Some of them are White Marlin, Swordfish, Spearfish, Sailfish, Spotted Eagle Ray, Sturgeon, Sharks, Bonefish, Goliath Grouper, Tarpon, Snook, Spotted Sea Sprout, Stone Crab, Red Drum, Weakfish, Pompano, Ornamental Reel Fish, Permit, Tripletail and Caribbean Spiny Lobster.

Spear Fishing License In California

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California is a more spearfishing friendly state in comparison to Florida where one can fish in both saltwater and freshwater. License is important for both residents as well as non-residents who come only for a spear fishing trip to this state. The fishes that are illegal to spear are Red Abalone, Giant Sea Bass, Spiny Lobster and California Grunion. Commercial spearfishing is illegal but recreational is not.

Spear Fishing License In Washington

Washington is a great state for the spearfishing community. It allows for both saltwater and freshwater fishing with license with permission to fish for a month, year or a lifetime. You can get the permit at different rates and the rules are lenient in comparison to Florida and California. Fishes that you absolutely cannot spear fish are Canary Rockfish, Yelloweye Rockfish, Sixgill, Seven gill, Pygmy Whitefish, Margined Sculpin and Olympic Mudminnow.


In conclusion, there are other states in the US like Oregon, Texas, North Carolina, Hawaii etc with similar rules. Licenses might be different for different states and non-residents will have to acquire them for their visit. When spearfishing some of the things that you will need are Speargun, Wetsuit, gloves, knife, fins, mask and snorkel. This activity is a lot of fun and is done on both recreational and commercial purposes.

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