Essential Kayak Fishing Gear

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The kayak fishing gear that you use is going to determine how successful you are at the sport. Get everything that you need to outfit your kayak, whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro. There is lots of kayak fishing gear to choose from, including kayak fish locators, kayak accessories, kayak fish finds, kayak mounts, kayak fishing gear, kayak fishing rods, and other measuring gear.

It may be tempting to buy one or two things, but sit-on-top kayaks can range in price quite substantially. Most of the time, kayak dealers will let anglers purchase complete kayak packages, but it’s wise to check out individual pieces of gear first.

It is also a good idea to pay more than you might at a typical store to get more options and extras. Some things to look for include seats, kayak hulls, paddle cradles, rudder systems, trolling motors, hydraulic pumps, consoles, paddle wheels, and other hardware.

Rod Holders And Fish Finders

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Rod holders and fish finders are important kayak fishing accessories that allow an angler to position his gear in a convenient and comfortable manner. Anglers should always have a rod holder on his boat, as it can make tracking smaller fish easier. If there is not a rod holder, an angler should also have at least one additional rod holder, preferably located in the rear of the boat. Better yet, all anglers should own at least one sit-on-top fish finder and a handful of sit-on-top rod holders to compliment their general fishing setup.

Another essential kayak accessory is a fish-finder, which looks like another important piece of kayak equipment, but is actually a system that allows an angler to see where his quarry fish are located. Kayak fishing tackle boxes come in all different shapes and sizes. The best way to decide what size is right for you is to know how much fishing you plan on doing. If you plan on targeting small freshwater fish, then smaller tackle boxes are ideal.

If you are planning on targeting larger freshwater fish, such as bass, trout, or salmon, then you may need more room. Smaller, hand-held, “sit on top” fishing boats are ideally suited for this purpose.

Fisherman Boats

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These boats are also known as “fisherman’s boats” because they are designed to handle large fish and allow anglers easy access to them. These kayak vessels are also commonly known as “paddle boats.” If you want the ultimate experience without having to purchase an expensive sports fishing tackle, then a sit on top boat is your best option.

One other important component of a kayak fishing setup is the fish-finder, or GPS unit. The GPS or Global Positioning System is a great tool to have, especially if you will be traveling in circles. These fish finders can either be handheld or mounted to the boat and can pinpoint the exact location of a specific fish. Other kayak fishing gear that you may need include coolers with storage, kayak trailers, fishing poles, reels, extra lures, leader and line, paddles, floats, swivels, and drag systems.

Kayak anglers need other items of kayak angling apparel for comfort, protection, and storage. Anglers may need to carry extra clothing and gear if they plan on spending the night fishing, sheltering from the wind, or fishing in bad weather conditions. The typical kayak angler should carry a rainproof jacket, paddle pockets, rain gear, rain pants, an extra hat, and a wetsuit, depending upon the lake or water body where they plan to go fishing.

Keeping Gear In Simple Manner

Most anglers keep their gear in a simple manner, but there are still some options that simplify the process. For instance, instead of carrying around a lot of stuff in a small kayak, anglers may opt to buy kayak fishing gear in combination packages.

These kayak fishing gear combinations usually consist of a rod holder and reel, kayak accessories such as fishing gloves, a float and buoys, and a place to keep a few live worms.

Final Verdict

Anglers may also want to consider kayak accessories such as kayak bags and pouches to carry all their fishing’ gear in. Pouches can be used to secure all fishing’ items while they are not in use, ensuring that no loose fish or accessories wind up in the house or on the beach.

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