Dispelling The Ice Fishing

Dispelling The Myths About Ice Fishing

There is no need for you to stay indoors during the long winters simply waiting for the sun’s light to get you ready for summer fun. Bundle up, try being adventurous, get outdoors, and have your hands on ice fishing.

Yes, it is a whole new way of keeping yourself, and the entire family entertained during the winters. Action in this sport is furious and fast. It is thoroughly enjoyed when winter seals the rivers and lakes under solid ice. And yes, you will not find flies and mosquitoes bugging you. This activity has grown over the years, and at present, there are new procedures used by ice fishers to have some extra fun without breaking the bank.

Nevertheless, there are several misunderstandings and misconceptions surrounding this sport. Let us have a look at them:

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Ice Fishing Will Make You Feel Very Cold

True, you require wintertime temperatures for creating ice essential for this type of fishing. However, those nighttime temperatures generally do not result in frigid days. Majority of the destinations where you can indulge in this sport have an abundance of the blue-bird sky and warm days. This means that you will not feel freezing at such destinations. Snow and ice reflect light while fishing. They warm the air into amazingly pleasant temperatures. Apart from this, many ice fishing spots also speak of shelters serving different functions. These shelters feature modern-day conveniences such as air-activated toe and hand warmers for keeping extremities warm. They also have portable heaters ensuring warmer tents.

Ice Fishing Is Specifically Meant For Men

This is completely untrue when it comes to fishing in ice-cold waters. Many people are of the view that this kind of fishing is only for individuals looking to escape their families. It is also believed to work for those who want to indulge in drinking beer. While this myth might be true for a few people, it does not apply to others. It is probably viewed as a great activity for the entire family without drinking beer.

Silver Salmon River Fishing
Silver Salmon River Fishing

You Will Never Get To Catch Fish

Just like all the other fishing enthusiast across the world, if you think that ice fishing will not bring you satisfaction or desired results, you are wrong. First of all, fishing has no guarantees. Nevertheless, the use of technology can offer you an edge. With cameras that can be lowered deep below ice, fishers have found it easier to get a sneak peek into the habitat of creatures below the ice.

Catching Fish In Ice-Cold Waters Is Dangerous

Is it? Avid anglers consider ice fishing safe as long as the fishers do not venture out on the ice of doubtful thickness. It is necessary for the fishers to follow guidelines on this kind of fishing. Also, many ice fishing locations across the world offer guide facilities. You get a person who guides you at every step of this adventurous activity.

So, all this time if you have thought that ice fishing is dangerous and difficult, think again! With the right use of technology, and with some good skills, you can always master this activity.

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