Detailed Guide To Three-Pronged Fishing Spear That You Must Know

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Spearfishing is an ancient method of catching fish that is used all over the world. It has no by-catch and uses no bait. It has now become a beloved sport practiced by different people in different ways. Early people were aware of this technique very well. They used wooden sticks for spearing. But today, new equipment like elastic-powered spearguns, slings, pneumatic powered guns, compressed gas, etc., are used for hunting fish. Special equipment is developed, depending upon different types of target fish and aquatic environments. Well, you must know either scuba diving or snorkeling or free diving to perform spearfishing. It does not require many gears. But you must keep in mind the environment and the type of fish you are going to hunt.  

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying The Three-Pronged Fishing Spear

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Three-Pronged Fishing Spear Length

The length of the fishing spear pole will affect the range of targeting the fish. If you are a beginner or know every little about fishing, you should not use many long fishing spears. It would help if you went for a five to seven feet spear. The range of travel of your shot will depend on the length of your spear. It is fascinating to use longer spears, but it can sometimes lead to failure of technique. So long spears must be used after a lot of training. While buying spears, also keep in mind the area you are going to hunt in. 

Spear Tips

Spear tips also come in different types. They are three prongs, slip tips, and flopper tips. The type of tip you should buy also depends on the environment. Three-pronged fishing spears are also known as paralyzers. They stun the fish as they pack a punch. That’s why I named it so. The amount of impact of a punch is the basis of if the fish gets killed or not. Slip tips detach from the spear when you shoot, so they should be rigged to your spear with a thread. They are also costlier. These spears are better to be used by experienced spearfishermen because the tips will get damaged if you miss the shot. 

Spear Material

The material of the three-pronged fishing spears you should buy depends on the size and types of fish you are hunting, as well as the amount of weight you can handle. The pole spears are made up of different materials like aluminum, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. They differ in weight, and it affects their stopping power and speed. Aluminum spears are heavy and go slow in the water, while carbon spears are fast and great to catch smaller fish. So you have to choose how much weight you can easily handle. 


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Spearfishing is a popular sport with ancient roots. There are many spearfishing gears available in the market. One should buy them according to the environment and fish you want to hunt. Three-pronged fishing spears need proper skills to catch fish.

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