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Anyone who loves fishing is thrilled to be able to play some fishing games online. It is a thrilling sport and some do it for their bread and butter. But today, not everyone has the time to go fishing or they may not be living next to a water resource to be able to do real fishing. These fishing games apps let you fulfill your fishing desires. Here are some amazing games on Android that you can download and enjoy.


A man standing next to a body of water

Priced at $2.49 only, this cool fishing game is a pay-once and enjoy forever kind of app game. There are eight lakes and four rivers in this game and you have the opportunity to catch upto 28 different kinds of fishes. The game comes with many other small details that makes it different from the other games. Sometimes, fishes jump out of the water even after being hooked. The games offers options to use bait boats and even climb trees to get a better view of the area for catching fish. It is the most popular fishing game. But, the game has not been updated or upgraded since 2018, so if there are any bugs in the game, they may never get fixed.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

A boat sitting on top of a sandy beach

This game is free to play. It is one of the most popular fishing games. You need to customize your fishing tackle, catch plenty of fish, travel to many different places and much more. The game also offers a global leaderboard that allows you to compare your catch with other online players across the globe. The game comes with cool fishing mechanics. You even get access to some basic fishing tactics that are needed to catch a fish. This one is a free fishing game app.

The Fish Master

This game is priced at $2.49. It is a simple, arcade style fishing game in which you need to drop your line down and haul as many fishes as possible. It also comes with upgrades that let you catch fishes at a deeper depths. The game also has some idle elements. You can earn easy money and also do some recreative stuff when you are not playing. The screenshots of the game prove that this one is not a serious fishing game, but just a fun game. It can be played to pass time. There are no freemium mechanics in this game and you just have to pay $2.49 once to be able to play this game forever.

Fishing Break

This is a free fishing game where players needs to catch hundreds of fish from eight various locations. All the fishes need to be of different kinds. You get achievement bonuses and get to earn as well. The players can climb leaderboards and play the quick challenging game. The graphics of the game are simple. Realism can make the game worse. It is the type of game you want to play at the end of watching boring commercials. It is a fun game to play.

These are our pick of the best fishing game apps. 

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