Choosing The Appropriate Spearfishing Floats

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Spear fishing is one of the oldest methods of fishing using sharpened sticks. You also get spearfishing floats that help in alerting boat traffic to a diver in the water or below the boat. Once you spear a large fish, you need to let go of your gun and retrieve the fish using a line attached to the float. In this article, we shall guide on choosing the right spear fishing floats.

Adreno Bullet Hard Foam Float

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This is a versatile fishing float that is compact and hard. It is filled with foam and is quite durable around the rocks. The compact shape of the float makes it idea for pulling through the surf. With the attached flag mount, the other mates can monitor your visibility near the boat. The float is ballasted with a lead-weight on the bottom. It can easily sit upright without being towed. The sharkclip comes with a swivel. The nose of the float allows easy connection to the line. The float also has a rear snap clip that allows bungee lines to be attached while using a pull-down in a water rig. 

Problue Torpedo Inflatable Float Rope and Flag

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This spear fishing float is inflatable by mouth. The attached tall flag gives you proper visibility and is also a great option for boat diving. As soon as the float is deflated, it becomes very compact. It is ideal for traveling and storing as a spare float in a boat. It has a weight pocket and is ballasted to make the flat sit upright. The attachment point of the float is below and so, you can tow the float quickly without having to pull the nose under water. This is also very useful when you have to change spots so that you need not pull in your float.

Adreno Heavy Duty Inflatable Float

This one has a heavy-duty construction. It has a streamlined shape with a typical conical nose that can reduce drag and effort while towing. The float is ballasted with a weight at the bottom so that the flag stands out. It has high visibility and comes with an attached tall flag and a bright hue. The attached tall flag gives good visibility and is also a good option for open water while diving from the boat.

Riffe Floats

This one is designed to increase the amount of pressure. You can inflate it with a compressor or a scuba tank. Adding more pressure means if the float gets pulled underwater by a monster fish, it will still maintain its shape and also aid in slowing the fish’s movement. It is also used offshore for chasing pelagic species like the Billfish or tuna. This float comes with a d-ring at the front that allows you to clip many floats together. It does not come with a flag as it is already visible and huge.

These are some of the best spear fishing float types that  you can try investing in if you are avid spearo.

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