Catfish: with Cat Whiskers

Catfish: The Fish with Cat Whiskers

Named after their famous barbels these kinds of fish are called the “Catfish” and resembles cat whiskers. Let us look at the three largest of these species alive. These mammals vary in terms of size and behavior. They are Mekong giant from Southeast Asia, the Wells from Eurasia, and Paraiba of South America. They are noticeably large and used for commercial importance. Many of the larger species are farmed or act as food. The smaller species are kept in an aquarium for luck and decorations. The scientific name for catfish is Siluriformes. There are few Catfish that weigh over 250 pounds and over 8 feet. They are also called as the Fishing monster.

Food For Them                                                      

Young species eat both plant and animal matter. Young species are called fiddlers. Initially, they eat aquatic insects, crawl fish, seeds, small fish, snails, and green algae. They also eat commercial food for fish which are easily available in the market.

Ban On Catfish

Fisheries directors have recommended imposing ban orders on catfish farming. The Government has imposed a ban on these species which tend to spread quickly. They are considered harmful as they increase rapidly in water bodies across the state. They also cause a threat to the other aquatic species.

Keeping It As A Pet

Catfish is perfect for your home or school aquarium. They are very well maintained in a group and also get along with other bigger and aggressive species. They are very human-friendly and also easy to maintain. You can also pick these species according to the size of the aquarium. You can choose from the number of varieties available in every size.

Otocinclus Catfish

This is also called as peaceful fish and can be a great collection for your fish tank. You can add as many fishes as you want in your tank because these fishes don’t have bones in their bodies. Because of this they won’t attack or harm any other fish in your aquarium. They will keep your glass clean but they will keep your plants cleaner. They will live happily by eating any particles of the leaves. Most of these fishes are caught in the wild and are vastly pursued by wholesalers.

Blue Catfish

They tend to eat fish in their early life. These species commonly reach 20 to 80 pounds and can also reach well above 100 pounds. There is a popular myth that there was a bluefish that exceeded 350 pounds. They are large river fish accruing in the main street of water. These fishes tend to go upstream in summers as they are searching for a cooler temperature. And then go downstream in winters to get the warmer temperature.

Catfish In Menu

Fishes which are raised on the farm are best to eat. These are very safe and contain vitamin B12. You can have them in your daily meal. They are best when fried and very popular as they are a source of protein, low in fat and low calorie. Just be careful and conscious about the farming of the fish you have ordered or bought. Ensure that you don’t have any further health issues because of this.

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