Best Terraria Fishing Gear For Hardcore Gaming

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Terraria has been ruling the gaming world since its release in 2011. It blends all the classic elements of action games with the utmost creativity. The game offers its players unique adventurous journeys to meet their destinations. However, when it comes to Terraria fishing, the game gets a lot of quests. It has a lot of resources and one needs to possess the best terraria fishing gear. But, if you are new to this terraria gaming, then you must have some knowledge about the gears and implements.

Take a look at the top four essential terraria fishing gears that will enhance your gaming experience.

Hotline Fishing Hook

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In the terraria fishing game, the Hotline Fishing Hook is presently the second strongest fishing implement. It ranks second in the category of the strongest fishing rods, after the Golden Fishing Rod. For players, the Hotline Fishing Hook gets a low chance for obtaining after the player completes 25 quests. Interestingly, the player can use this hook to play in lava. Although this fishing hook requires bait to fish, it has a fishing power of around 45%. 

Fiberglass Fishing Pole

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This terraria fishing gear stands at the 5th strongest fishing pole, having a fishing power of 27%. Just like the Hotline Fishing Hook, the Fiberglass Fishing Pole also requires bait to fish. However, there is only a 2% chance of finding any Fiberglass Fishing Pole in the Jungle Shrines. If you look at the Jungle Sanctum from Terraria’s mobile version, you will see that it always contains a Fiberglass Fishing Pole.

Tackle Box

This accessory in Terraria fishing has a 100% chance of not decreasing the Truffle Worm. Moreover, the Tackle Box has a 2.5% chance of being randomly acquired after the player completes the Angler fishing quests. However, if one is playing on the Desktop or mobile version, then they might not get the Tackle Box reward. That’s not the end. Interestingly, if the player has a High Test Fishing Line among other inventories, he might get duplicate Tackle boxes. Nonetheless, this terraria fishing gear might decrease the chance of bait competition.

Angle Earring

The Angle Earring is among the most important fishing gear accessories. When equipped efficiently, it provides a 10% boost to the player’s fishing power. If the player is working on the Desktop or mobile version, then he will not get the Angle Earring reward. Alternatively, if he uses a High Test Fishing Line along with some other accessories, then he might be eligible for a duplicate version of this fishing gear. 

Enhance Your Terraria Fishing!

If one gets the best terraria fishing gear, then gaming will become more fun. Along with this, the player must wear a full set of angler armour. If possible, he must have a High Test Fishing line setup along with a tackle box.

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