Bass Fishing Tips For The Summer

summertime bass fishing tips

Largemouth bass are found in all areas of North America, though they are most commonly found in the upper Great Lakes regions. There are several summertime bass fishing tips for those who are looking to catch these great fish. It’s also important to be sure that you have the right equipment on hand for your summer fishing trip. Most lakes will not give out any information on how to obtain the proper equipment.

Centred By Using A Shade Of Lure

Many summertime bass fishing tips are centered around using a shade of lure that will attract the largemouth bass. Largemouth bass are very patient fish and often wait until a light is on before they go for the gold. A great lure for this time of the year is a deep diving crankbait. Some summertime bass fishing tips are to use a light colored jig instead of a deep diving crankbait as it will not stand out in the water. Another great tip is to try to use a lure that has a pattern to it, something that resembles a crawfish or worm. This way if a fish sees your bait it will confuse it may run off instead of chasing your lure.

For the best summertime bass fishing tips, use lighter lines and jigs with the sun to cast your lures. The summer sun’s rays can dry up any natural oils that the fish naturally have in their skin, which causes them to lose body heat. Try using a summertime bass fishing lure that has an abundance of body oil on it because this attracts the bass during this time. Largemouth bass fishing in the summertime is also beneficial because they like to bask in the sun so they are very active during the day.

Fish At Night

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One of the best summertime bass fishing tips is to fish at night for the summertime bass. This means using a summertime bass rod, summertime reels, summertime sinkers, and summertime lures. You can usually find these on your local tackle store.

It’s summertime, which means cooler temperatures, and that means the bass are in search of food. They like to feed in the morning and after dusk. Since bass fish have poor vision, the best times to cast your line are sunrise and sunset. During the summer months, it is a good idea to wait until the sun goes down and you are away from other boaters before casting your line into the water. Bass will often test your strength by throwing you off balance but as long as you have a heavy enough weight, you should be fine.

Tie On A Summertime Lure

Another one of the bass fishing tips is to tie on a summertime lure that doesn’t look too heavy. If you want to impress your prey, choose a lure that looks more like a worm or a minnow. A bright colored lure will attract the bass especially during their feeding time. Use a medium to large lure that has pattern and breakaway bits to make it look more realistic.

Bottom Line

If you do find bass on the surface, don’t just sit there. The best way to catch them is with frog fishing. Frogs like cool waters so bring your frog along with you. When you attach the frog to a jighead or small rig, it will stay motionless while you move the rig through the water. When it comes back to bite, it will go after the bait almost every time.

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