All about the spinning reel for saltwater

spinning reel for saltwater

A spinning reel for saltwater is used by saltwater (especially surf fishing) anglers. The most common type of spinning reels includes ultralight, light, and medium. Saltwater spinning reels are usually lighter than freshwater counterparts to reduce the total weight when fighting with big fish in saltwater. And they need to be more corrosion resistant because salt water is harsh to metals.

Sizes of the spinning reel for saltwater:

1- Spinning reels are available in different sizes from ultra-light spinning reels which are good for up to 6 lb fish, lighter models which are better for 7-12 lb fish, a medium which is good for up to 20 lb fish, and heavy-duty ones without limit.

2- You can also get surf fishing or big game spinning reels for big saltwater lures up to 100 lb class.

What is the best choice for spinning reels for saltwater by budget?

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You can choose an affordable spinning reel for under $120, but if you are looking for better quality ones, there are some good choices over $200 tanks. You can check my article “the most expensive reels list 2017” to get more expensive spinning reels. Also, there are some great choices over $350 in my other article “the best saltwater spinning reel 2017”.

Features of a spinning reel for saltwater:

1- Large arbor design for faster line retrieval.

2- Lighter model with corrosion-resistant materials.

3- Durable cork or foam handle grip for saltwater angler comfort. There are also rubber grips available now to provide a better grip in wet conditions.

4- Multiple ball bearings to reduce friction and extend the life of the spinning reel under heavy use.

5- Powerful drag system to fight against big fish.

6- Durable construction with corrosion-resistant metals, especially on the spool and main shaft, etc…

Uses of a spinning reel for saltwater:

1- Saltwater spinning reels are usually used for surf fishing, kayak fishing, boat fishing, etc…

2- They have bigger size models to match with big saltwater lures.

3- Saltwater spinning reels are also good choices for bass or trout when you don’t want to spend too much on a reel.

Advantages of a spinning reel for saltwater:

1- More smooth and accurate hook setting with light weight lures.

2- They are more powerful than baitcasting reels to haul in bigger fish like sharks, tuna, etc…

3- Easy to change baits such as jigs or plastic baits.

4- Capable of fighting big fish with lighter drag pressure because of a single drag knob.

5- Saltwater reels are usually more durable and smooth for a longer time under heavy use.

Disadvantages of a spinning reel for saltwater:

1- More expensive than freshwater spinning reels due to corrosion resistance materials, better quality bearings, etc…

2- Harder to handle the line when there is a big fish on.

3- More difficult to control the spool in rough conditions like in strong wind and waves like surf fishing.

4- They are more likely to get stuck with the bottom when fishing for bottom feeders like grouper, etc…

How to choose the best spinning reel for saltwater?

1- Make sure that the size of the spool will match your fishing line. You can check it by taking a look at your fishing line chart or getting online advice from friends or forums, etc…

2- Big saltwater reels need to have a good drag system to stop strong fish.

3- Multiple ball bearings are also important for the best performance of the spinning reels under heavy use.

4- Get a large arbor design spinning reel for faster line retrieval if you are fishing with heavy lures or baits.

5- Make sure that the spool is strong enough to hold more than 20 lb of fishing line.

6- Get a lightweight model for better comfort and longer casting distance if you want to fish on surf or kayak.

7- Select an ergonomic handle design that can fit with your hand for better operation.

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