7 Healthy Fish Varieties You Should Know About

7 Healthy Fish Varieties You Should Know About

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that fish is high-protein, healthy food. It is rich in its content of Omega-3 fatty acids or good fats that have an important role to play in safeguarding heart and brain health.

These fatty acids also help in decreasing inflammation. Experts suggest having fish thrice during the week, specifically fatty and healthy varieties, for proper well-being.

On the contrary, it works to avoid groups known for their high mercury content. These will include tilefish, king mackerel, swordfish, and shark. Incorporate these superstar fish varieties with great safety and nutrition profiles into your diet and live a healthy life.

Alaskan Salmon

Before going for the Alaskan Salmon, grab some idea on making the right choice. What do you need to choose- farmed salmon or wild salmon? Though you will get farmed salmon within an affordable range, remember, it does not contain a lot of beneficial fats or omega-3 fatty acids. Also, you will not get the required dose of minerals and vitamins from farmed salmon.

7 Healthy Fish Varieties You Should Know About
7 Healthy Fish Varieties You Should Know About

On the other hand, going for the wild variant will bring you significant health benefits. Also, savor grilled salmon recipes for proper health conditions throughout. Spending a few extra dollars will be worth the health benefits you avail from wild salmon.

Arctic Char Fish

Iwana or Arctic Char is perfect fish to savor on but only if it is farmed. The wild variety will not have the same benefits as rendered by the ones raised naturally. There are more organic procedures used for raising the Arctic Chair, and thus, it is healthier in comparison to other fish groups.

Cod Fish

The Codfish is a flaky white species, rich in its content of vitamin B-12, niacin and phosphorous.  Having a 3-ounce fully-prepared portion of this fish will offer you around fifteen to twenty grams of healthy protein. The piccata sauce will be a great complement to dishes containing the Cod.

Atlantic Mackerel

One good thing about Atlantic Mackerel is that it does not contain any traces of mercury. Hence, you can choose to have it on a regular basis. Nevertheless, avoid Spanish Mackerel or King Mackerel as they are not as healthy as Atlantic Mackerel. Got it?


This fatty fish looks quite the same as the sardine. One good way of savoring it is in smoked form. Smoked herrings are filled with sodium, so you should have them in moderation.

7 Healthy Fish Varieties You Should Know About
7 Healthy Fish Varieties You Should Know About

Albacore Tuna

Different tuna varieties are not considered healthy because they are high on their mercury content. But this is not the case with Albacore Tuna. This white tuna is perfectly savored in canned form.

Perch Fish

Another white fish, the Perch features medium texture and comes from freshwater or the ocean. Since the Perch has a mild taste, it is considered both flavorful and healthy. Panko breading is a great match to having Perch.

Guys, it is essential to have healthy fish but at the same time make sure that the variety you are having is not overfished. In other words, it should be caught responsibly.

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