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6 Household Foods Perfect As Fishing Bait

6 Household Foods Perfect As Fishing Bait

Here is the situation: You are getting ready for a fishing expedition, and suddenly you realize that you do not have a bait. What next? Do you need to worry? Experts come with a big no for this question. But why? Why is there nothing to worry about you missing out on the bait? Because you have got a solution as simple as the pantry in your home.

Household foods and even supplies from the convenience stores can be used as baits. So, there is some truth about those stories you heard of using household products as baits during campfires. Expert fishermen have used certain common products as baits, and the idea has worked out well for them. Let us have a look at some options below:

6 Household Foods Perfect As Fishing Bait
6 Household Foods Perfect As Fishing Bait

Canned Corn As Bait

Getting hold of affordably-priced canned corn while heading out for your fishing expedition is a great idea. It will not only help you in saving a good amount of money but will also serve as the perfect bait for bluegill, trout, carp, and perch.

Vienna Sausages

There can be nothing tastier than Vienna Sausages used as baits for catfish. It works more effectively than gizzards, cut fish and chicken livers. You need to work the sausages towards the surface of the water by using a long hook. Since such meat products tend to be a bit mushy, longer hooks are recommended.

Cheese As Bait

You have the freedom of going Whoa about this bait option! Too good to be true, trout and catfish simply love nibbling on cheddar, Limburger and Velveeta cheese varieties. You need to use it in ball form and cast it out.


What about saving some doughnuts from the morning breakfast? Cut the doughnuts into chunks and cast them out. The idea will surely help you in catching some perfectly-shaped and sized carps. You can even use dough balls as bait for panfish and trout. The seasoning is quite the same as it is with using canned corn. Use flavors of garlic and salt, and there is nothing that can stop you from having a great fishing experience. You will have too many of them in your arsenal.

Egg Noodles

6 Household Foods Perfect As Fishing Bait
6 Household Foods Perfect As Fishing Bait

Perfect baits for panfish and crappies. Keep in mind to use cooked noodles in this case. You will not be spending too much on this as you can easily use the lasagna varieties left over after dinner.

Mussels And Clams

For the ones who live in areas abounding in mussels and clams, using them as fishing baits would do the trick. Collect them and crack them open. Opening these creatures and leaving them out in the sun for some times can make them tougher. This way, they will stay on the hook for a long time. You can use threads for tying the mussels and clams onto your fishing hook in case they keep falling off.

It is quite likely for you to consider these suggestions amusing. But what about giving them a try?

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