6 Fluke Fishing Tips To Catch The Bigger Fish In Your Fishing Rod

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Fluke, flounder, doormats, and many more. We all have different names for fluke fish, depending on the different regions of the country we live in. But one common thing is that they are hard fighting, fun, and tasty gemfish that can be targeted in many different scenarios. With the help of information and fluke fishing tips in this article, you will easily target a fluke fish. 

To become a master of catching fluke fishes takes years of experience, but to save your time, we have fluke fishing tips and how to target their tips for you. 

Fluke Fishing Tips To Master The Fishing Game 

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  • Go With The Flow: The fish may go along where the tide is flowing. So when you are looking to catch a fluke, search in the same direction. 
  • Face It: Fluke fishing tips are to always present your bait from the current side because fluke faces the current to feed. 
  • Fish the edge: Next, fluke fishing tips say that you should fish on the edge of the sea because flukes often hold edges and drop-offs. 
  • Match The Hatch: Fluke fish eats bluefish, silversides, squids, sand eels, sea bass, mummies, and more. If you want to attract the bigger fluke fish, try to match the prevailing forage. This is the fourth among six fluke fishing tips for you. 
  • Super Teasers: Get jigs rigged with super long teasers, which are up to 36cm long, and place it a foot above the main sinker or jig. It often tempts big flukes. 
  • Mark The Spot: Once you easily find the fish repeat the above-stated pattern. Note the location where you found the first one and make multiple drifts over the same spots. Fluke fishes swim in groups, and you will find plenty of them in the same spot. This is the last fishing tip among the six fluke fishing tips.

Fluke Fishing Tips When Targeting With Artificial Lures

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Fluke fishing tips while targeting with artificial lures are extremely easy as it is very popular among the fishers. To target a fluke fish, it is important to prepare tail jigs, curly tails, grubs, and spoons in advance. To avoid spit the hook on the boat, reel slowly and keep the line tight once you feel the bite. 

Fluke Fishing Tips When Targeting With Live Bait

Using live bait is essential for many fluke fishermen, and the fluke fishing tips for using live bait is to get shrimp, small flounder, shad, mullet, crabs to attract the fluke fishes. The most popular live bait for fluke fishes is angler found around the country of Carolina rig. 


These are the fluke fishing tips for the new and intermediate fishermen. While you are just starting with fishing, you can ask an expert for some of his fluke fishing tips that will save a lot of your time.

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