5 Important Facts To Know About Catfish

5 Important Facts To Know About Catfish

Catfish is a popular fish group with more than 7 million anglers across the world. Research shows the fish species to rank only behind panfish, trout, and bass in popularity amongst anglers in the United States.

Their fighting potentials, wide distribution, table-fare abilities, size, and simplicity makes them favorite among advanced and beginner anglers alike. They might not be fascinating but are implausible survivors. They have the ability to live in temperature above freezing up to approximately 100 degrees F. They live in both coastal as well as inland waters. Have your eyes on some other interesting facts about this fish variety below:

5 Important Facts To Know About Catfish
5 Important Facts To Know About Catfish

Ability To Live In Varied Conditions

It is a diverse species of ray-finned fish. It gets its name from its feline-looking barbells or whiskers that serve as defense tools. One thing noteworthy about this fish group is its ability to survive and thriving well in almost all conditions. Species are living in brackish water, saltwater and freshwater. Others prefer streams and rivers and others calling for stagnant waters. Also, you will find both diurnal and nocturnal varieties in this category.

Catfish With Different Names

Channel catfish, a category under the catfish species boasts of around 45 species. Also, the family is known by many regional nicknames. Take, for instance, in the USA alone, these fish varieties are known as polliwogs, mudcats, big bullheads, scoopers, shovelheads, flatties, and chuckleheads. Out of the different species of this fish found across the world, six are cultured for commercial production. Besides these, you will find some species that make fabulous aquarium mates and pet fish.

Amazing Quality Of Responding To Touch

There are taste buds found on the whole body of them giving it this exemplary ability to detect chemicals in the water. The taste buds also help the fish in responding to touch immediately. The sensory organs are found on its whiskers, popularly called barbells.

5 Important Facts To Know About Catfish
5 Important Facts To Know About Catfish

Catfish: No Ordinary Creature

It is an extraordinary creature, mainly because of the abilities it possesses. Have you ever seen a fully grown fish in the size of a simple toothpick? Or have you ever seen a fish walking on land and breathing air? The answer to both these questions will be in positive only if you have come across the catfish. That’s right; catfish do have both these abilities. They are incredible swimmers with the ability to live in the land as well. The Asian walking catfish walks small distances, especially when it needs to cross different pools of water.

Good And Clear Vision In Water

You might be working on using odorless baits for catching catfish, knowing that they have this amazing ability to sense different things. But, do you know that the fish also has good vision in the water? They not only have a clear vision in water but can even hear very well. So, angling a catfish would not be an easy thing to do.

So, now that you have got an idea about some important facts about the catfish species, it is time for you to work on them while getting geared up for some catfish angling.

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