5 Essential Equipment for Spearfishing

Equipment for Spearfishing

Spearfishing is an absolute fun stuff, but only when you have the right equipment for spearfishing at your access. Check out these fantastic gear list to start off. Most of the dive shops have these equipment for spearfishing, but you can also check out at online stores. 

Essential Equipment for Spearfishing
Essential Equipment for Spearfishing

Spearfishing equipment can be quite expensive so buying all of the listed gear in one go may not be possible for you. However, just remember that some of the gears will be expensive others will not. Arrange everything one by one to fill up your spearfishing arsenal.

A mask and snorkel should be one of the first items on your list. You need a mask to see underwater and a snorkel to breathe as you scan the underwater world for fish. The most important ones are talked about here.

Wetsuits and Stingersuits 

Spearfishing wetsuits and stingersuits are the clothing you need to wear when spearfishing. The wetsuit will insulate you from the cold and keep the sun off your back. Choosing the right wetsuit is important. It demands a comfortable fit to keep you insulated but not so tight as to restrict your movements. The camouflage wetsuits are popular as they allow you to blend in with your surroundings and get closer to the fish you intend to spear.

Spearfishing Fins 

 Fins provide you with the power you need to move through the water. There are two different types of fins for spearfishing. The first type has a long blade and slips onto your foot. The long blades give you a lot more thrust as you kick, so basically you get more power out of each kick. If you buy this type of fins you will also have to get a pair of booties or socks which are just a pair of socks made of wetsuit material which stop your feet getting blisters.

Reef Boots

The other type of fins are the open back type. You will need to have a pair of reef boots for these fins. The reef boots slide into the fins and you use the strap to go around your heel and hold your foot in. The open back fins aren’t as long as the other type so you will be doing a bit more work with your legs to get through the water at the same speed. The type of fins divers use is usually a personal preference that depends on how comfortable they are.


 Gloves are fundamental for spearfishing. Fishing gloves are basic cotton gloves with grip added to them to be able to hold slippery fish. The cotton gloves are cheap and effective. They do stretch and wear out after a few dives but they are inexpensive to replace.

Or you may prefer the dive gloves. Dive gloves are made out wetsuit material and usually have some kind of grip pattern on the fingers and palms. Because they are made from quite sturdy material, they generally last a lot longer than the cotton fishing gloves. Also the wetsuit material will insulate your hands and keep them warm, but you will pay a bit more if you choose this option.

Get Finest Equipment for Spearfishing
Get Finest Equipment for Spearfishing

Dive Knife 

 It’s pretty obvious what a dive knife is for. Killing the fish that you spear. If you learn the right spot to stab the fish you can kill it quickly and with minimum blood going into the water. Make sure the dive knife you get comes with a sheath and a strap to hold it on your leg or arm. Also, another spearfishing tip is to choose one with grip on the handle so it’s easy to hold even underwater.

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