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4 Different Varieties Of Fishing Lures

4 Different Varieties Of Fishing Lures

Whether you are fishing for Northern Pikes, Walleyes, Crappies or Basses, it is necessary to use the perfect fishing lures. Keep in mind, not all the different lures available in the market are made equal. A lure that might have worked on a certain day or location might not work for some other location or day.

Hence, it is necessary for you to know which lure should be used in what spot during a specific time of the day. So, before hitting the waters, you should be aware of your fishing location and target fish. This way, you will be fully informed when it comes to luring ideation and selection. The list of different lures below can help you out:

Bass Jigs As Fishing Lures

These are versatile lures that can help you in covering a complete water body in almost any season. A good thing about this lure is it can get into almost any area where the other lures would not be able to reach. Also, these lures can be used for fishing in varied ways. You will find different varieties of s specifically designed for specific procedures.

Nevertheless, the arkie jigs in this category have grabbed huge attention. These jigs can cover almost any fishing technique very easily. They can be pitched and flipped and even skipped. They also give you the option of working deep structure. Another reason why jigs have gained a lot of popularity is that they flat out getting the huge fish varieties to bite.   

4 Different Varieties Of Fishing Lures
4 Different Varieties Of Fishing Lures

Heddon Zara Spook As Fishing Lures

This is a topwater lure designed in the year 1939. It has a side-by-side action bringing in great bites. The hard plastic body of this lure makes way for terrific consistency while in action. Nevertheless, it is essential to check its consistency and buoyancy post catching every muskie or tuna. It can easily crack due to the action of giant fish varieties. Despite the fact that it is a minuscule lure, it makes it easier for avid fishers to increase their store of different types of fish.

Plastic Worms

Plastic and rubber worms are considered good quality lures, mainly because they look real. They feel very similar to natural food, causing the fish to bite and hold onto them longer than they would hold with the other lures. In addition to this, you will find no other lure as easy to be rigged as a plastic or rubber worm. These lures can quickly get into excessively weedy areas simply by burying the hook point on their body. Also, there are never-ending sizes, colors, and styles available for you to make your choice. Hence, you can always consider your target fish and your fishing conditions before choosing plastic and rubber worms.

4 Different Varieties Of Fishing Lures
4 Different Varieties Of Fishing Lures


Crankbaits are lures with the ability to cover large water surfaces within a very short period. They work as great options for catching fish species in open waters or deep covers.

Of course, these are not the only lures you will find in the market. There are other varieties available as well. Considering the color and the size of the lure is very important when making the right choice.

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